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[FEEDBACK AND CREDITS] Professor Sprocket's Highly Immersive Videographical Edutainment Chamber
Results posted here!

Event Feedback

Our event feedback survey is now live, and will be accepting responses through June 24th.We’ll be sure to post our usual feedback summary once the survey has closed. We use the feedback to make changes to future events!

For every 10 survey responses, we will be raffling off 1 random non-mushroom prize from the event.

Event Credits

I’d love to take some time to thank and recognize staff who helped out with this event!

  • Event lead
    Crow - Crow was the lead for the event, and organizing sign-ups, developing the setting/theme/NPCs of the event, and writing the majority of event flavor texts (there are a lot)! This is one of our biggest events, and it’s always a ton of work to get everything to come together, and she always does an incredible job!

  • Activity lead
    Crow -  Crow put together the Create your Avatar activity, including the character model art and design for the avatar card (with borrowed elements from Plaid’s boss backgrounds).

  • Assistance
    Cien - Put together and implemented all the random event texts!
    Prose - Helped with some of the writing tasks!
    Nonny - Helped fill out our wordlists!

  • Coding, event maintenance
    glitch - glitch got the event up and running, which includes implementing new assets, wordlists, and making adjustments from feedback!

  • Banner
    Plaid made this very intricate and amazing event banner!

  • Collection Image
    Eluii designed the collection image through a detailed sketch and lighting/coloring notes, and Nonny did a fantastic job rendering it!

  • Event Title Header
    Loon made the edutaining event title!

  • Boss Monsters
    The boss monsters were a collaborative effort! Plaid sketched the Starshine Scourge, Slime King, and Hydrakko. Loon sketched the Volcrabno. Myla lined all of the bosses, and Plaid based, colored, and made the backgrounds and glitched versions for all of them!

  • Letters
    Nonny Created the nixie tube holographic letter tiles!

  • Equippable Items
    This set was created by Plaid, Nonny, Loon, Eluii, and myself!

  • Coats
    Plaid, Puppy, and myself created the coats!

I love seeing so many different components come together into a cohesive event—this event in particular is a very intense event to put together since it requires so much art and writing, a testament to how awesome our team is that we have done this for so many years in a row!

Event Autobuy

Any unspent points will be automatically spent when the shop closes so points don’t go to waste!

Thank you all so much for your participation! I hope you enjoyed the theme, art, writing, and mechanics and that you stick around for more! :D

Posted Jun 17, edited Jul 6
Sent! Thanks for a great event! I had a lot of fun and I loved all the art for it! It was so good!
Posted Jun 17, edited Jun 17
Submitted! This was a fun event, I love all the items that I got. Didn’t make nearly enough points to win a coat but I’m totally okay with that, I have my Game Lad :D
Posted Jun 17
MANY thanks to the staff for putting on this event!!! I’m sure there is always a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes, and I’m always grateful for it c=  I love the DING! events, they’re my favorite. Off to fill out the survey….
Posted Jun 18
the event was delightful!
Posted Jun 18
sorry double post
Posted Jun 18, edited Jun 18
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 53 responses to the feedback survey.

General Notes:
  • All charts were copy/pasted from Google Forms

    1 = wordlists were too challenging | 5 = wordlists were too easy

    1 = prices were too low | 5 = prices were too high

    1 = the event felt too short| 5 = the event felt too long

    To earn at least one coat
    To earn at least one item
    To send specific words to friends and community members (e.g. phrases/songs/silly words/relevent words)
    To send words to friends and community members (no specific word goals like above)
    To send words to the word lists to defeat the bosses

  • (duplicates removed, potentially identifying info removed)
    all the words to [a specific song]
    calendar months

    (duplicates removed)
    busy bee/spelling bee
    Egyptian/burial chamber
    fairy tale
    fashion specific (e.g. harujuku, gothic, cottage core)
    love themed (romantic and platonic)
    mythical creatures
    ocean/deep sea
    old library/archive
    old ruins
    pet collector (mycenaception)
    pool party
    real world festivals
    retro decade
    storms/tornadoes/strong weather
    type writer/news gazette
    unlocking shiny doors instead of defeating monsters

    Common Comments

    This section focuses on themes and common comments that come to light in the section of the feedback where players can write in-depth about their thoughts. We do read and consider all comments, so if yours wasn’t in here, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t taking it into consideration!

    • Respondents had a wide variety of favorite obtainable, but the Laser Optica coat and Floating Crystals were the two most common answers
    • Respondents gave largely positive feedback about the random events, mostly that they thought they were fun, cute, and funny and that the pacing seemed good. Another common point of feedback was that they’d like to see the encounter specific items available elsewhere (note: they are supposed to be but I [myla] haven’t been keeping up on it!)
    • Clarity suggestions varied, but a few suggestions were: to clarify that the remaining bosses get stronger with each defeat, clarify what sending letters to players does/does not do (e.g. the receiving player does not get to use the letters that were sent to them), where to find the letter overlay, and to clarify timer rules with sending and receiving items.
    • Some respondents felt this event was harder to earn the things they wanted than usual, and to rebalance, especially the coat prices
    • Some respondents commented that they still enjoy this style of event
    • Some respondents commented on specific changes to make to the boss word lists. For example, suggesting a slightly shorter/easier word list, less C-heavy, more X and Q heavy, etc.
    • The theme was a hit for some, and a miss for others

    This was a really helpful batch of feedback! Someone mentioned they wanted to see Dictionary suggestions, so I added that in and also added the theme suggestions in since that is always a hard one to summarize.

    Thank you as always for taking the time to give us feedback!! <3

    Feedback Raffle Winners
    6 winners were randomly selected and they are…

    I’ll get you your prizes shortly!

    Still Need To Do
    Stickers and auto-buy will happen in the next couple of days!



    Posted Jul 6