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July News Discussion
July has arrived!

This month, our OotS coat is Astronomer, along with their Toga and Star Chart Background! This month’s coat and items were created by Meru. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective for last month has been tallied, and prizes distributed. This activity is on pause for this month, to allow for focus on the Drawntlet! Feedback on last month’s submissions may still be made, and the feedback raffle will proceed as normal.
  • Bingo RP has been tallied! Those of you who have completed a bingo may now request a new card!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be extended into a Productivi-Weekend, and held on the weekend of Friday, July 15th!
Summer Seasonal

Summer has arrived, and with it a shiny new Summer Seasonal has made its way into Tamshir’s Specialties! You can purchase your very own Suits Out Mushroom, or any of our returning summertime flavors through September 21st!

Summer Seasonal Shop

Chadwick’s Summer Snack Shack is currently open for business! Stop in, say hi to the friendly shopkeeper, and maybe buy yourself a few summer treats. Chadwick will be manning his shop through July 20th, so be sure to stop in before he sells out!

The Drawntlet Returneth

Our annual creativity marathon is upon us once again! We’ve got new prompts, new challenges, and some new prize options for participants to choose from. The Drawntlet kicks off today and runs through the end of the month. Stretch those creative muscles, drink plenty of water, and remember to pace yourself accordingly!

am I allowed to use gifs in the news? - Crow


New Staff, Who Dis?

Following the successful conclusion of their trial periods, Nonnavlis and Acydosis were officially granted the role of site artist last month! They’ve already been hard at work, with Nonny focusing on toggle requests and Acyd jumping into queue work! We’re so happy to have you guys aboard!

New Toggles for Old Items

As previously mentioned, Nonnavlis has been doing some work to expand item compatibility and toggle options - particularly on older items that were created before we decided against having species-specific items. You can see the full list of items that have received a bit of TLC so far here. There will certainly be more to come in the future!

”About time, if you ask me!” - Every Drasillis and Kelph


Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla have been keeping up with necessary tasks around the site!
  • The coordinator team will be shifting their focus to the upcoming Summer Event, even as they sob their way through the Drawntlet.
  • The art team have been working on queue orders and upcoming event prizes!
Posted 07/02/22

Love the OotS items for this month and the coat is so pretty! :3

Question: It says here that Chadwick’s will be open until July 20th, but on the shop page, it says the Snack Shack is only open until July 3rd, so which one is the correct closing date?

Posted 07/02/22

The correct closing date is the 20th. I’ll ask glitch to get the shop page updated asap!

Posted 07/02/22
I need dis monthlyyyyyy
Posted 07/02/22
I need this dras and items omg! Time to do a million commissions so I can buy a million of the star chart background.
Posted 07/02/22
Crow Thank you for the clarification! :3
Posted 07/02/22
Fishing Update

We just pushed a few updates to fishing :D Here is a quick summary:

  • Waterlogged Recipe Bottle is a new openable item that can be fished out of The Fishing Hole
    • This recipe bottle contains waterlogged recipes, which are single use recipes
    • The only waterlogged recipe we have so far is the Waterlogged Painted Lilies Mushroom Recipe
    • That means if you get and open the Waterlogged Recipe Bottle, you’ll pull the single use Waterlogged Painted Lilies Mushroom Recipe out of it until we expand the number of recipes
  • The Painted Lilies Mushroom can now be crafted using the Waterlogged Painted Lilies Mushroom Recipe. This mushroom transforms Mycenians into the Painted Lilies coat created by Nonnavlis (coat is viewable in the Magic Puddle)
  • We have increased the probability that you will catch something when you fish
  • We have increased the fishing probability weight of the Recipe Bottle
  • We have increased the fishing probability weight of the Changingshroom

We hope you enjoy the updates!!

Posted 07/23/22
I’ve had a couple reports in the last few days that joining our Discord isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. I’m not sure yet what caused the change, but I’m looking into it. In the mean time, if you’re gone through the account linking step and the channels still aren’t getting unlocked for you, please reach out to me by echo and I’ll get you sorted manually :)
Posted 07/26/22
Out of the Shadows Archive

We’ve just released the Out of the Shadows Archive, a new guide showing all of the past (and present) Out of the Shadows coat and item releases in one place!

We hope you enjoy the new guide! :D

Posted 07/29/22
It’s really neat to see all the OotS sets in the new format, especially the oldest ones! It must have been a lot of work to update them all, and they look gorgeous. I’m very excited that I’ll be able to reference this when I can remember the entire set that an item was released with, but not the item’s name. :’)
Posted 07/29/22

oh my goodness thank you for the guide!!!!!!! one of my biggest Mycena-related anxieties is not being able to definitively know which pets came out which months without digging through years worth of announcement threads alskdjalsd this is very excellent.

also some very belated excited wriggling about the new recipe bottles??? love the idea. very cute. can’t wait to see more additions. and also maybe fish up a Changie!!!!!! it’s been NINE YEARS and I have still never found one ;0;

blows everyone who is struggling as hard as I am with Drawntlet a kiss!!!! we’re almost done!!!

Posted 07/29/22
Oh that guide is a w e s o m e thank you so much! I really love that it’s text searchable too :D
Posted 07/29/22
Huge thanks to Hyasynthetic for putting the guide together! It was a ton of work—he updated all the images to the new format which meant digging through files, working in multiple programs, realigning, recoloring, retyping, etc. and then had to save, organize, and make the guide itself. It’s really nice to finally have these all in one place!
Posted 07/29/22
Oh wow!! Hyasynthetic did a great job!! The amount of work is greatly appreciated!
Posted 07/29/22