02:21 ST
Happy Birthday to Us! And Summer's Here, Too!

Can you believe Mycena Cave has been around for nine whole years? Wowza! Happy birthday to the Cave, and cheers to our (as in you and us <3) anniversary! This year’s celebration is a bit muted, since we’re just coming off of a creative event and will be heading into the Drawntlet soon enough, but we’ve still got a little something for you all to enjoy!


It’s Summertime!
Seasonal Selection

As always, with a new season comes a new mushroom variety to snack on! Summer Seasonal mushrooms are now available in Tamshir’s Specialties! This season’s stock will remain available until Autumn officially arrives on September 23rd.

Chadwick’s Summer Snack Shack is back in business!

Everyone’s favorite specs-tacular feline pal is back with this year’s hottest summer fashion trends (as well as retro styles from years prior). He’ll be keeping his Summer Snack Shack open until 23:59ST on July 20th, after which he’ll be riding off into the sunset until next year!

Meow, meowmeow! Mrooooow!

It’s Item Dory Time!

Honk honk! It’s time for the Item Dory to make its dory-ous return!  We want to hear about the kinds of items the community is interested in seeing—and this year, instead of asking you to keep it broad, we’re happy to accept more specific item suggestions, as well. You can submit your wishes to the Dory, and then share your interest on the other ideas players have submitted! Collecting this data is very helpful to our artists and coordinators, who often refer to the most recent Dory results to help guide our creative processes. Do note, though, that submitting an idea to the dory does not guarantee that it will be used!

The Dory will remain open through 23:59 ST on July 4th.

Posted 06/21/22
happy birthday mycena!!! the bows are so CUTE
Posted 06/21/22
Aw yeah Happy Ninth Anniversary Mycena Cave!

you found the secret party! here’s a kazoo!

Posted 06/21/22
happy birthday!! I’ve been looking forward to the summer shop opening, lots of cute items this year!
Posted 06/21/22
Happy Birthday Mycena! <3
Posted 06/21/22
Happy birthday to my favorite pet site! :D
Posted 06/21/22
Happy birthday Mycena Caaaave :D <3
Posted 06/21/22
=)  *tosses confetti…. Happy Birthday MC!  So hard to believe it’s been 9 years =0 time flies… thank you for the adorable party bows.
Posted 06/21/22
Happy birthday Mycena Cave and thank you always! <3
Posted 06/21/22
9 years amazing!!!!!! happy birthday mycena cave!!!! love u all!!!
Posted 06/21/22
Happy 9 years MyCena Cave!
Posted 06/22/22
Happy birthday Mycena Cave!
Posted 06/24/22
Happy (late) birthday, Mycena Cave! :D
Posted 06/28/22