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June News Discussion
Holy moly! It’s June!

This month, our OotS coat is Porcelain, along with their Petal Bell Staff and Silver Side Do! This month’s coat and items were created by Hush. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective has been updated with new prompts for this month!
  • Bingo RP has been tallied! Those of you who have completed a bingo may now request a new card!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be held on Wednesday, June15th!
Coats for a Cause

Our Coats for a Cause campaign is ongoing through June 16th, with proceeds going to Direct Relief. While they provide aid in response to many causes and crises all over the world, we will specifically be donating towards their Ukraine Relief which focuses on providing humanitarian relief in the form of medical aid to people affected by the conflict.

100% of the proceeds made from the sale of the Wheat and Sky coat, created by Plasma and Rhyme, will be donated to this organization.

Head over to this post to learn more!

Shifting Seasons

As the temperatures rise and the bright spring flowers give way to lush green foliage, it’s clear that we are nearing the start of summer. The seasonal wares in Fungimental Magic are once again preparing to rotate – be sure to pick up your Spring favorites before June 21st, when the shelves will be stocked with a variety of mushrooms more tolerant of the summer heat!

Summer Seasonal Shop

June 21st also marks the grand re-opening of Chadwick’s Summer Snack Shack! Everyone’s favorite muscle cat is pumped to share all of his favorite summertime swag with you, both new and old. His shop will remain open from June 21st through July 21st!

It’s Pride Month!

This year, we have two new pride-themed items to share with you all: Wild Rainbow Markings and Drifty Wild Rainbow Markings! These items will be permanently available in the marketplace, so keep them in mind the next time you’re feeling particularly colorful!

Upcoming Activities
  • This month, we will be running an encore of our ‘A Day in the Life’ activity, which will go live in just a few days!
  • Mycena Cave’s 9th anniversary is later this month, and we will likely run a small activity to celebrate.
  • The Item Dory will return as a part of the anniversary festivities, as well!

And as a reminder, our other upcoming summer activity plans:

  • July: The Drawntlet!
  • August: Summer event, the Summer Sunset Carnival!
Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla are adjusting to life with a little one to care for! They continue to keep up with necessary Mycena tasks in the meantime, and hopefully can catch up on some Z’s soon!
  • The coordinator team are working on preparing the Drawntlet, as well as planning for the other upcoming activities.
  • The art team have been working on queue orders and summer seasonal shop items.
Posted 06/01/22
Yay news! Gray-blue coat, love it! Can’t wait for the shop to be open, happy Pride Month everyone! Happy 9th year of Mycena Cave! Time to get my hands on some stripes for NeTanuki and Rathey!
Posted 06/01/22, edited 06/01/22
New Staff Alert

Nonnavlis and Acydosis completed their artist trial periods and are now full staff! They learned the ins and outs of our templates, file formatting and storage, interfaces, and documentation, queues, and more! They each worked closely with a mentor team, learning more about Mycena Cave style and how to incorporate it in their work. They completed three official projects which gave them a broad overview of the main work areas as well as several side projects of interest.

  • Acyd’s side projects were mainly focused on the queues where they handled several large and complex orders!
  • Nonny’s side projects were mainly focused on item fixes, broadening item toggleability, and broadening item compatibility. They will continue to help out in these areas in the future and they will be the go-to contact for item-related updates and fixes!

They have already contributed so much, and we are very excited to have the both of them on the team officially! :D

Posted 06/14/22
Congrats to Nonny and Acyd both!!! You’ve done really great work as trial artists and I’m excited to see what you do next ouo
Posted 06/14/22
Congrats to both!  :D
Posted 06/14/22
Congrats you two!
Posted 06/14/22
Congrats! I’m looking forward to seeing the things you both create, and I’m especially interested in the item compatibility and toggleability updates to come!
Posted 06/14/22

Hey everyone! Like Myla said, I’ve been doing a lot of little things with older items during the trial, and now that that’s finished I’ve finally had a chance to round them up for an announcement! (toggles I’ve done were already announced in the toggle thread when they happened). Some of you might have noticed already as they’ve gone live over the last two months, but changes have been made to these items:

Cherry Hair Clip now works on Kelphs and Drasillis!
Grape Hair Clip now works on Kelphs and Drasillis!
Strawberry Hair Clip now works on Kelphs and Drasillis!
Draccko now works on Kelphs!
Studded Collar now works on Kelphs!
Black Arm Warmers now work on Kelphs! (Chou helped with this one—thank you Chou! <3)
Red Rose now works on Kelphs!
White Rose now works on Kelphs!
Black Rose now works on Kelphs!
Black Rose Fascinator now works on Kelphs!
Lucky Clover now works on Kelphs!
Golden Halo now works on Kelphs and Drasilis!
Silver Halo now works on Kelphs and Drasilis!
Red Star Bandana now works on Kelphs and Drasilis!
Blue Heart Bandana now works on Kelphs and Drasilis!
Swashbuckling Eyepatch now works on Kelphs and Drasilis!
Disguise now works on Kelphs and Drasilis!

I’ve got a list of all the other items that need updating, so I’ll be slowly working my way through that between other projects! (Future updates on that front probably won’t be as big as this one though). I’ll also be handling item fixes and pet-layering issues for the time being to help free-up Myla, so if you find any errors with these (or any other items), please echo me! ^^

Posted 06/14/22