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February News Discussion
February Flutters In

This month, our OotS coat is Dryad, along with their Drifty Sylvan Silks and Sylvan Jewelry! February’s coat and items were created by Meru. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective has been updated with new prompts for this month!
  • Bingo RP is back from its month-long slumber! We’ve added some new squares (thanks to everyone who suggested them!) and are ready to assign Bingo cards once again.
    • If you were partially through a card prior to the break, you are welcome to continue working on that, or request a new one instead
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be held on Tuesday, February 15th!
Love is in the Air

Peent has swept in upon Cupid’s wings, and is now offering a lovely selection of amorous articles in exchange for your shiny, shiny nuggets! Peent de Amor will remain open throughout the month of February, ensuring you have plenty of time to earn shinies for Peent purchase your heart’s desires! We moved the shop’s opening to the 1st rather than our usual release date of the 14th based on feedback that it would be helpful to access holiday items before the holiday.

Our annual sprout raffle will still begin on February 14th!

New Combinabulations to Behold!

The player-created recipes from last year’s birthday activity have been completed at last! These secret recipes have a chance to be obtained by opening a Recipe Bottle, which can be fished up in a local pond.

New Marketplace Items

A set of scars and clip-on braids were added to the Marketplace today, and you can buy them for nuggets here!

The Walk of Three

We are a little more than halfway through the Walk of Three event! Come celebrate three of the most important figures in Mycenian history by stretching your creative muscles, and earn some lovely prizes! This event runs through February 6th.

Behind the Veil
  • glitch made fixes to the inventory code and still has a few minor updates he’s wanting to finish up! This month he will likely be doing that and working on longer term projects.
  • Myla worked on queue, event, and other art, and will likely be focused on making progress on long-term projects, queues, as well as the Spring event this month.
  • The coordinator team worked on the winter event and Bingo polishing last month, and are now gearing up preparations for the Spring event!
  • The art team worked on queues and Valentines art. This month they will continue to work on queues and other misc art!
Posted Feb 1

What a beautiful oots set!!

Also, I’m super excited that there are scars and braids that are going to marketplace directly. :D

Posted Feb 1
Leafy Dryad-
Posted Feb 1
i would want to buy the dryad mustroom but i cant get one cause i dont hv right amount of cash for one crow thats why im sad about it
Posted Feb 1
The Blue Moon item has been added to the Combinabulator!

This one slipped by when we were categorizing how we wanted to release our amassed recolor items, oops. :D’ Thanks to Purr for pointing it out to us!

Posted Feb 9
EHEHE moon time! :D
Posted Feb 9
Oh I really love the Dryad. Hopefully I’m able to save up enough to get one. :3
Posted Feb 10