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December News Discussion
December Drifts In

With a new month comes our new OotS, Red Fox, along with their Vintage Bookcase and Knit Sweater! This month’s set was created by Meru. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Winter Approaches…

… and with it, the promise of a new Seasonal coat! Be sure to pick up your fall favorites before December 21st, when Bruc restocks his shop to include more cold-hardy Mushroom varieties!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective has been updated with new prompts for this month!
  • All claimed Bingos have been tallied. Those of you who have claimed bingo for last month may now request a new card!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be held on Wednesday, December 15th!
Secret Santa

Our yearly Mycena Cave Secret Santa has closed to new signups, and will soon be underway! Those who have chosen to participate will soon be paired up with a Santa-ee (and, of course, a Santa of their very own). Be sure to establish contact with both your Santa and Santa-ee by December 8th!

Soup, Stones, and Snakes Lore

There were a lot of entries to go through, but we finally finished selecting the player-submitted lore pieces from the Soup, Stones, and Snakes event late last month. For those who haven’t already seen it, the Cobblestone Cavern encyclopedia page has been completed, and now includes several player contributions to the lore!

Echoes of Nautalis Wrap-Up

Echoes of Nautalis has concluded with the closing of the Bubsy’s Hub! Our goal is to get the feedback form, nugget conversions, and stickers handed out by the end of Friday.

Warm Winter Wonders Returns

Cho is busy melting down the entrance to her cavern full of winter wonders. The winter solstice shop will return on December 21st for its second year with last year’s wonders as well as a few new ones!

Upcoming Activity

There’s a gentle, sweet scent wafting through the air, and you can’t quite shake the vague craving for cookies… We will be running a small holiday-themed activity later this month! More information will be made available once it’s announced.

Behind the Veil
  • glitch maintained the event and worked on inventory-related updates. He will continue work on that, hopefully pushing them this month.
  • Myla worked on queues, edit donation conversions, combinabulator items, and other site art. This month Myla plans to continue to work on queues, site art for activities, the winter shop and more, and some longer term projects both art related and not.
  • The coordinator team analyzed activity feedback, made social media updates, did an event wrap up, and finalized lore updates for Soup, Stones, and Snakes. This month they will be working on winter-related activity prep.
  • The art team worked on the queues and site art like the monthly. Next month they will be working on queues, a winter shop update, and activity art.
Posted 12/01/21
I am in LOVE with this month’s OotS! X3 I need like 20 of those sweaters!
Posted 12/01/21

Just realized this month’s set matches so well with March 2021’s! They look like they would be great friends right out of a children’s book

Posted 12/01/21
Bin-GO RP Hiatus

Bin-GO will be going on pause for the month of January. There’s more information about this in the Bin-GO RP thread here!

Posted 12/02/21

AAAah I just LOVE this monthly fox, and the bookcase, even the sweater ( am usually not much for dressing my characters in more than a few accessories ). So cozy looking <3

@Clearbright oh you’re right, how cute!

Posted 12/02/21
just shouted YES alone in my house, love this month’s items!!!
Posted 12/02/21
im sad i cant get the knitted sweater though cause it would be cool on my pet sailboat though
Posted 12/02/21
That bookcase is like dropping a bomb on me, I’ve made my pets university-themed so now I need a bookcase for every single one of them!
Posted 12/02/21

Did someone say COOKIES???

Posted 12/02/21, edited 12/02/21
New Market Items

Star Wand donated by Plaid, created by Morgan

Comely Countenance Wig donated by Pink Chocolate, created by Morgan

Divine Winglets donated by Pink Chocolate, created by Plasma

Vintage Pilot Goggles donated by Akira, created by Myla

Emerald Sword donated by Reggi, created by Hush

Emerald Crown donated by Reggi, created by Hush

Everblooming Staff donated by Reggi, created by priz

Cyclops Takeover donated by Reggi, created by Plasma and Myla

Strange Portal donated by Acydosis, created by Hush

Fuzzy Donglers donated by Reggi, created by Plasma

Skull Shoulder Pauldron donated by Dove, created by King and Chou

Flower Eye Band donated by Hyasynthetic, created by priz

Snuggle Bear donated by Condor, created by Hush

Tiny Tiger donated by Condor, created by Hush

Stately Crown donated by Condor, created by Hush

Raven Tree donated by Crow, created by Plasma

Dried Flowers donated by Crow, created by Plasma

Electric Halo donated by Celestine, created by Morgan and Chou

Electric Orb donated by Celestine, created by Morgan and Chou

Leafy Crown donated by Azurrys, created by Plasma

Windblown Rump Bow donated by RoseQuartz, created by Meru

Skull Remains donated by Acydosis, created by Plasma

This was a large upload, so if I missed anyone’s donation or if there’s an error with anything, please send me a message!

Thank you for the item donations!! You can find the new items for sale in the Marketplace! You can learn more about edit donation here.

Posted 12/16/21, edited 12/16/21
Lots of cool items! Thanks for all the donations everyone!
Posted 12/16/21
Oh!! Love the new items!! Thanks for the good work, artists! And thanks to people who donated their edits! There are some really cool ones in here. =D
Posted 12/16/21
  • glitch [...] worked on inventory-related updates. He will continue work on that, hopefully pushing them this month.


Check out your inventories :)

Posted 12/31/21, edited 12/31/21

.......the dopamine rush I just got from hitting ‘new pocket’ without seeing the ‘you have as many pockets as you are allowed’ message oh my GOD

In all seriousness thank you so much glitch, after a cursory poke around the inventory is just so much nicer to use. ;_;

Posted 12/31/21

New inventory.. who dis?
Looks amazing, thank you Glitch!

Posted 12/31/21

A lot of pages under the help section seem to be broken links now:

All of the pets links on the ‘pets’ page
The ‘items’ page
And the ‘search’ page

Don’t know if that happened when the inventory got updated(which great by the way!), but thought I’d point it out.

Posted 12/31/21
Thanks for the heads up Crycket! These should be fixed now :)
Posted 12/31/21
Thank you for the inventory update. I really really appreciate it!!
Posted 12/31/21
Yes, the pages are back up again! But now the the Items on the item page are missing..
Posted 12/31/21
Oh gosh, thank you so much glitch! 8O
Posted 12/31/21

first of all, I’m obsessed with the new inventory!!!!! it seems so much more functional now thank you glitch sobs

but also….. I seem to be unable to send gifts?  I’m assuming it might be something to do with the update so I figured I’d throw it out here :”D

Posted 12/31/21
Oh wow glitch! The new inventory is beautiful! Thank you for all of your work on it!!
Posted 12/31/21

New inventory looks neat! More pockets is great, looking forward to rearranging a couple of things.

Looks like I can no longer rearrange pets on my profile page, though. The option is there, they just won’t drag and drop as usual.

Edit: Item Search (under Help, not the Marketplace) is completely empty for me.

Posted 12/31/21, edited 12/31/21
Thanks for the heads up!
  • Item gifting has been fixed
  • Mycenians can now be sorted again
  • Item search actually shows results

Oh also you can now have up to 50 item pockets :)

Posted 12/31/21, edited 12/31/21

I made this low-effort meme in mspaint to show my appreciation.

thank you <3333

Posted 12/31/21
Hmm so the item search doesn’t seem to save your search terms anymore? I always have it at release date (reverse) but it keeps switching back to release date.
Posted 12/31/21