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Summer Birthday Bashtravaganza!

This year, we are celebrating our eighth anniversary! Time certainly flies, doesn’t it? We can hardly believe we’ve been lucky enough to spend so many wonderful years with you all - and here’s to many more to come!

This year, we’ve got two birthday activities to celebrate with:

Professor Sprocket’s Combinabulator Concoctions
Now that the Combinabulator is up and running, stable, and hasn’t turned evil (yet), Professor Sprocket is ready to program a few new recipes into it. And because he’s such a nice, upstanding fellow, he’s decided to invite the denizens of the Cave to dream up some possibilities! Using the available crafting and fishing materials, create a recipe (or three) for an equippable of your imagination. At the end of the activity, 5 player-created recipes will be made available via Recipe Bottles!
Have Your Cake (and maybe eat it, too?)
Can’t have a birthday celebration without cake (well, you could, but it’d be a sad time)! Time to toss on your chef hat and get frosting! We’ve got some blank-slate confections (and toppings) that you can liven up to your heart’s content—or, if you’re feeling creative, you are welcome to create or even bake your own!

It’s Summertime!
Seasonal Selection

Bruc has once again rotated his seasonal stock - Summer Seasonal mushrooms are now available! This year’s new ‘flavor’ has real Summer Vibes. This season’s stock will remain available until Autumn officially arrives on September 22nd.

Chadwick’s Summer Snack Shack is back in business!

Everyone’s favorite man-cat is back with this year’s radical summer fashion trends (as well as returning stock from last year). Now, Chadwick is a busy guy, but we’ve convinced him to keep his Summer Snack Shack open until 23:59ST on July 20th. This is longer than we’ve had our seasonal shops remain open previously—we hope this gives players enough time to collect all the summer-themed items they want!

Meow, meowmeow! Mrooooow!

The Item Dory Returneth

After taking a brief, unintentional intermission last year, our Item Dory is back! We want to hear about the kinds of items the community is interested in seeing—and this year, instead of asking you to keep it broad, we’re happy to accept more specific item suggestions, as well. You can submit your wishes to the Dory, and then share your interest on the other ideas players have submitted! Collecting this data is very helpful to our artists and coordinators, who often refer to the most recent Dory results to help guide our creative processes. Do note, though, that submitting an idea to the dory does not guarantee that it will be used!

The Dory will remain open through 23:59 ST on July 4th.

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I’m Glad Dory’s back the summer shop is exciting too
Posted Jun 20
Happy birthdayyyy MC <3
Posted Jun 20
Happy birthday and happy summer! :D
Posted Jun 20
happ borth
Posted Jun 20
Happy birthday! Congrats on getting older!
Posted Jun 20
Happy Birthday! ^_^
Posted Jun 20
Happy birthday Mycena Cave!!! ^=^
Posted Jun 20
Merry birthmas!!!
Posted Jun 20


Oooh, and I got showered (random event) with confetti right at the moment when I opened this thread… HaPPy BIrFdAY!!!!

Posted Jun 21
Happy birthday mc.. yes i know it probably is a day late but timezone and all
Posted Jun 21
For the Combinabulator Concoctions activity, does the “use at least three of the fishing hole items depicted below to make up your recipe” rule mean that three separate items must be used, or can items overlap as long as three items are needed to craft it (e.g., x2 of one item, x1 of another)?
Posted Jun 22

I’d intended it to mean three separate items - but I can see how it’s not super clear. I’ll clarify that in the instructions! You’re welcome to add quantities of items in the recipe, too, of course!

Posted Jun 22
That makes sense. Thank you, Crow!
Posted Jun 22

Even if you have the Summer shop sorted by release date, make sure to check the second page!
There are some recolored items that were uploaded quite a while ago that were added to the shop this year, and they’re a bit easy to miss because of this.

Posted Jun 26
Deadline Reminders

Professor Sprocket’s Combinabulator Concoctions and Have Your Cake (and maybe eat it, too?)
Instructions end tonight at 23:59 ST.

The Item Survey also ends tonight so be sure to stop by here to vote on the submissions! <3

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Shop Reminder

The Snack Snack is closing tonight!

And also a reminder that if you have the Summer shop sorted by release date, make sure to check the second page. There are some recolored items that were uploaded quite a while ago that were added to the shop this year, making them easy to miss.

Posted Jul 20