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Feedback results and summary can be found here!

The Drawntlet Feedback

Now that the Drawntlet has wrapped up, we are eager to gather feedback on the activity! You can find our feedback form linked below, and may share further discussion in this thread, if you wish. For every 10 responses to the feedback form, we will raffle off 1 random Cave Capsule.

The feedback form will be open through December 12th. After that point, we will get together a feedback compilation post, as usual, and will be in a good position to begin planning for next year’s activity!

Posted 12/05/20, edited 12/22/20
thank u for the event yall!! i had a lot of fun and am enjoying my new harvest bloom a lot hehe
Posted 12/05/20
oots reward tier gang… i’m rly jazzed abt the things i was able 2 get from this event \0/ thank u!
Posted 12/05/20
non-participant feedback submitted xD
Posted 12/05/20

not a participant but i do have a response:

sorry if this isn’t relevant! there wasn’t an option for having won zero points and i didn’t want to skew your data.

drawntlet seemed really cool, but i didn’t participate because it was national novel writing month. i just didn’t have enough creative energy for both, which was disappointing, but hey it happens (couldn’t even finish day 1 of drawntlet lol) (huge congrats to anyone who did both though, you’re a legend!!)

tldr, in any other month i would love to try drawntlet, and i’d like to see the event come back (but not in november!)/spoiler]

Posted 12/06/20

Adaris This also threw me as a non-participant but all the questions are optional ^^ u can just answer the ones relevant to you!

(also congrats on doing nano :D)

Posted 12/06/20
This was a fun activity. Looking forward to doing this again.
Posted 12/09/20
Posting in here as a reminder for anyone looking that today’s the last day for this, since I almost forgot :‘D
Posted 12/12/20
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 60 responses to our feedback survey for this event.

  • 68% of respondents who answered this question earned 5 points, 13% earned 4 points, 7% earned 3, 5% earned 2, and 7% earned 1 point. We also received several responses from non-participants.
  • 32% of respondents liked or really liked how participation points were distributed (rated a 4 or 5). 19% were in the middle of the road (rated a 3), and 49% disliked or really disliked how participation points were distributed (rated a 1 or 2).
  • 85% of respondents liked or really liked the selection of prizes available (rated a 4 or 5). 9% were in the middle of the road (rated a 3), and 7% disliked or really disliked the selection of prizes available (rated a 1 or 2).
  • 59% of respondents felt that the amount of points required to buy prizes were fair (rated a 4 or 5), 19% were in the middle of the road (rated a 3), and 22% felt that the amount of points required to buy prizes was unfair (rated a 1 or 2).
  • 80% of respondents were motivated or very motivated by the event to create art/writing (rated a 4 or 5). 12% were in the middle of the road (rated a 3), and 8% were not motivated or really not motivated by the event to create art/writing (rated a 1 or 2).
  • Which months work best for a similar activity in the future (ordered from most desired months to least desired): July, June, August, October, March, January/September (tie), May, November, February/April (tie), December
Repeated Comments

Many would like to see reworked point distribution
While there were some who liked the current point distribution, a lot of you had suggestions for reworking the point system to help encourage participation from players who couldn’t go all in, since with the current system, you needed to participate a full week to get a point. The most common suggestion for reworking the points is to give one point per day.

Some suggested that instead of a bonus fodder pet for completing the weekly challenge, a point would add more flexibility
Fodder was useful to some but not to others, and for those who didn’t need extra fodder, having a point to spend instead would have been nice.

The variety of prizes was liked and were worth completing the Drawntlet for
Most participants enjoyed the selection of prizes available, particularly the OotS sets and seasonals. Many respondents were motivated to complete the Drawntlet because the prizes were worth it.

Many respondents thought the nugget option should be rebalanced
Respondents commented that the nugget options felt too low and should be rebalanced to better fit the tiers or clarified that the nugget option isn’t intended to match the other available prizes.

Not having a choose your own GCS coat was disappointing to some
Choosing a GCS coat was an extremely popular prize from 2019’s Inktober event, and there was disappointment that this was not an option for the Drawntlet.

Many would like to see a prize for completion
Respondents would like an extra incentive prize for making the push to complete every day, even if it was something small.

While many were intrinsically motivated to participate, even more were motivated by the prizes
Many participants had a particular prize in mind that they wanted and it motivated them to participate. Others love the structured opportunity to be creative. There were also many who were motivated both by the prizes and by the opportunity to create art and writing for their/their friend’s characters.

The prompts were a mixed bag
The prompts seemed to be a bit of a mixed bag, with a number of players saying they struggled with certain prompts, either due to the specificity of the word, or with the way it lined up with the weekly challenge. However, an equal number of players seemed to think that the vast majority of the prompts were fine.

It was suggested that there might be a sort of pick-your-prompt system, where prompts could be chosen from a bank of several.

Challenges were generally well received
The challenges seemed to be largely well received! The fanart/gift art one was especially standout, followed by the music one (although the focus on lyrics made it more divisive, and there were a number of suggestions for it to be more general). By contrast, the different mediums one seemed to be the least liked. When there was a perceived prompt/challenge mismatch, it was especially hard for players to figure out what to create.

As with the prompts, there were many suggestions for a pick-your-challenge from a pool.

Clarity should be given in future challenges to ensure that players know that the challenge applies to both art and writing since there was some confusion about how the different mediums applied to certain challenges.

Some thought a submission interface would be handy
Respondents noted it was easy to forget to fill out the form, and the submission interface from the Desert event would have been helpful here! We weren’t able to design a submission interface that included the extra information we needed for e.g. spotlight permission in time for this activity, but we’d love to have that available in the future if possible.

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback so that we can improve similarly styled events in the future. We received many helpful comments about how we can adjust things and will be able to work a lot of that in. Overall, the activity seemed to be received positively, but the point system and timing in particular were rough for many players. This is something we were able to foresee due to feedback before the activity got started, but unable to adjust due to IRL emergencies and work hours of those who could make the changes. We appreciate your patience with that, and for many of you who chose to participate anyway. If you weren’t able to or didn’t want to, we hope you’ll give the next one a try! Also a reminder that the summary hits on comments we hear echoed by multiple players, so if you didn’t see your comments reflected in the summary, it’s not that they weren’t important or that we aren’t taking them into consideration.

Thanks again, everyone!

Also, a special thanks to Crow for organizing and making sure the Drawntlet happened despite the chaos and Hyasynthetic who spent a lot of time analyzing feedback—we’re able to do activities like this because of a lot hard work by our staff team. <3

The feedback raffle will be drawn here at 2 PM Server Time!

Posted 12/22/20, edited 12/22/20
arcticfoxies Laggingbehindreality Oxton Ashlar baekhesten UnseenRangerGal Congrats on your raffle win! Let me know which year’s Cave Capsule you’d like in this thread or via echo and I’ll get those sent to you! <3
Posted 12/22/20
Myla 2014 please, thank you!!
Posted 12/22/20, edited 12/22/20

the 2013 one~ ouo

Posted 12/22/20