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September News Discussion
September is here!

September’s OotS is Memphis Stars, along with their Retro Sunnies and Sticker Stars! This month’s coat and items were created by Eluii. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Creative Collective

August’s monthly roundup has been posted and all stickers and prizes have been distributed! This month’s prompts are now available for tackling, too!


Our monthly Productivi-Day will be held on Tuesday, September 15th! We look forward to spending the day productive-ing with you all!

New Items

If you’ve ever dreamt of giving your Mycenians a disconcerting gaze, you’re in luck! A new sponsored item, Otherworldly Eyes, is now available for purchase in the Marketplace!

Toggleability Updates

This month, Myla blessed us with a large toggleability update! All of the non-unique Drasillis coats on site can now have their hair and wings toggled! Woohoo, your Mycenians can finally live their best bald lizard life!

Gemble: Now With Nuggets!

In other exciting news, Gemble has been released from play-testing and can now win players nuggets! The game has also received a shiny, official reskin to match the version we used in our recent desert event. Put your logic mettle to the test and get paid!

Artist Applications

The initial application period has now concluded for our artist search. We are now reviewing applications and will be contacting everyone regarding next steps over the following couple weeks. Thank you to everyone who showed interest in joining our staff team: we have such a talented playerbase!

Behind the Veil

A few brief updates on behind the scenes work:

  • Myla and glitch were hit by the derecho and were without power and internet for awhile (and just had to do a bunch of clean up) which put them behind schedule
  • glitch was able to crunch through the Gemble data. It is now a full fledged site game that awards nuggets. He also updated the item preview display to include the artist credits.
  • Myla worked on the artist search, queue orders, some site art including the dras template updates, and some future feature development work.
  • Work is chugging along on our fall event! You can expect a teaser to appear in October’s news post, with more information to come shortly after. Of note: the event will be held earlier in the month than previous years so as to break up the usual October crunch we tend to find ourselves in as a team.
  • Planning has also begun on an activity that will be taking the place of Inktober, for much the same reason as above. Instead, we will be running a similarly styled month-long creative activity in November. More information will become available next month, but we figured it would be a good idea to give everyone a heads up about it!
Posted 09/01/20

Super excited to see a repeat Inktober-style thing, last year’s was awesome! ouo

Thanks to everyone on staff for all the hard work <3 I’m loving the dras toggles, this monthly set is PHENOMENAL, and I’m super excited to see who’s going to be joining the art team!

Posted 09/01/20
Thankyou for all your hard work!
Posted 09/02/20
Thanks for all the hard work, and this months coat is adorable uwu. I’m going to do my best to stay active this month and get my hands on one!
Posted 09/02/20
Heck yeah, inktober in November, I’m pumped.
Posted 09/04/20
Staff Reorganization

After recent discussions about our various staff positions and classification, we have decided to formally absorb the Writer position into our Coordinator team! Visibly, this will mean very little change except that Prose will be sporting a shiny new title under her username. In practice, Prose is already often involved in event and activity work and there is a lot of overlap in team responsibilities, so this change will hopefully foster continued collaborative opportunities!

Posted 09/05/20