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July News Discussion
July is here!

July’s OotS is Misty Step, along with their Step of the Wind and Long Rest Background! This month’s coat was created by King and items were a collaboration between King and Chou. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

The Seasons They Have A-Changed

Judging by the sweltering heat and gross amount of humidity, Summer has arrived! Bruc has replenished his shop with transformative mushrooms more suited to these warmer months and will continue selling them until autumn arrives to give us a sweet reprieve from the heat.

Of particular note is this year’s Summer Seasonal - the Southern Seas kelph! This coat was created by King and Myla, and features several toggleable layers.

Creative Collective

July’s monthly roundup has been posted and all stickers and prizes have been distributed!


Our monthly Productivi-Day will be held on Wednesday, July 15th! We look forward to spending the day productive-ing with you all!

Black Lives Matter

We support the black community and strive to make Mycena Cave a welcoming and inclusive community at which racism has no place. We encourage our community to actively support, and to make deeper, more long-lasting anti-racist changes. It’s important that the issue of systematic racism experienced by black people isn’t something that we look away from or move on from. Black lives matter, and big societal changes made through sustained public pressure is needed. You can read our full statement, read some thoughts from community members, and learn how to receive a thank you equippable item for a donation made to an anti-racist cause and/or a cause that supports the black community here!

Ongoing Activities

The Bin-GO RP! activity has come to an end. The deadline for redeeming your points for prizes is July 31st, after which any unspent points will be spent for you. We hope you enjoyed this activity and we are more than happy to receive feedback on it via post in the linked thread or echo to Crow or Dove!

Our birthday activities, Ice Cream Social and Taking Inventory, are still ongoing, with both coming to an end at the end of July 5th. Still plenty of time for you to earn those prizes! :D

New Items

Another player donation was added to the shops! Additionally, we have added another rainbow to our slew of Pride-themed items in celebration of Pride month!

Misc Images Update

Our Misc. Images page is now up to date, along with updated pet and flower linearts!

Behind the Veil

A few brief updates on behind the scenes work:

  • glitch helped us set up the new seasonal shop and got a lot of work done on interface updates for us, most of which aren’t visible to players. Our item uploading interface got an update that will help cut down time it takes to upload many items (important because item uploading has drastically increased in intensity with all the toggles and layers for many items). We have a new artist interface to help artists coordinate with each other better, and some small interface updates, one of which helps us link to searches. Glitch will mainly need to focus on the upcoming event this month, but also hopes to look at the gemble data to see if we’re at a stage where we can take that out of playtest mode.
  • Myla has been working on the rules update, and is at the stage where staff will soon go over with comments and changes, after which it will be formatted and released. She’s also been working on finishing the artist search prep and other artist-related documentation and spec sheets for future artist-related updates. The artist search is taking longer to put together than expected due to intense workload, which will get even more intense with an artist search going on, but we’re hopeful we can get that out soon. Weekly updates on Myla’s workload can usually be found on her profile page.
  • The summer event is coming, and we’re working on getting everything together for that!

A note from Myla: Covid is unfortunately in full upward swing in the U.S., and schedules are still widely variable and unusual. I know we’ll have some staff who are busy/unavailable and IRL workloads for the artists have generally been pretty high recently alongside the need for many to produce seasonal/monthly/event art, so the queues are slowish! I know I’ve had to work through some burnout due to all the worldly stresses going on, and many in our community are in the same boat—I hope you all are continuing to take care of yourselves, you brave and strong beans. <3

The sands are calling…

Rumor has it Kerric is gearing up for some sort of expedition. He’s not ready to divulge much more information than that, at the moment, but folks have overheard several mutterings about the discovery of a vast desert, and he seems to be buying a concerning amount of canteens.

More information about our Summer Event will be made available later this month, when we’re closer to launch! This event will be an adventure-style event, similar to previous years’ Legend of the Lost Trove and Into the Caves.

*beetle noises*

Posted Jul 1

*is not looking forward to turning a year older* =,=

Debating which pet to name on my birthday. Will probably be someone I already have since I’m broke after buying last month’s OotS set.

Active or upright?

I’ll flip a coin just before I purchase.

Posted Jul 1


Posted Jul 1
The puzzley events are my favourite and I’m so happy they’re making a return! :D The jewelled beetle is so pretty too
Posted Jul 2
Notice: Artist Hiatus

Hi everyone! Hush is officially on a hiatus and won’t be able to make site art for the next few months. Their real life has gotten too hectic to have to worry about making art for us on top of that. We’re hoping things will eventually get to a point where they’ll be able to balance art again, and will keep everyone updated of any changes. <3

Posted Jul 25
Wishing Hush the best, and also some peace and quiet (they deserve it!)
Posted Jul 25

[blows a kiss to the sky] for Hush
[blows a kiss to the sky but like in the opposite direction] for staff for this very fun event. also to the scarabs, whom I love.

Posted Jul 25
New Market Items

Two new items can be bought for nuggets in the marketplace:

Birds of a Feather, made by Chou and Myla, donated by Hyasynthetic!

Barbed Wire, made by Hush, donated by RadiationFox!

Thank you for the donations <3!

New Bag of Wonders Item

Magical Microphone can now be found within the Bag of Wonders!

Posted Jul 31