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September News Discussion
September trundles in!

This month, our OotS coat is Yesterday’s Sunset, along with Astraea’s Tears and Golden Age Background! September’s coat was created by Plasma, while the items were created by Myla. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

The Seasons They Are A-Changing

The final days of summer sun are upon us! September 23rd marks the beginning of fall, and as the leaves turn and flutter to the ground, Bruc will once again be shuffling his inventory of seasonal mushrooms. All of your perennial favorites will be back, and as is tradition, Bruc has been cultivating something new just for this occasion… which he will soon be previewing!

Keep an eye open for all your returning Fall favorites!

Creative Collective

August’s monthly roundup has been posted, and stickers, gems, and Bags of Wonder have been distributed! Thank you all for your submissions - we love admiring your creativity!

This month, we are featuring a player submitted prompt by Chicken, in which we’d like to go on vacation with your character! For our canvas circle prompt, we are exploring a moment of discovery for one of your characters. And for the adventure circle, we invite you to play around with skill checks.

September prompts & August feedback are now open; we look forward to seeing what you create!

Coats for a Cause ongoing

Our current Coat for a Cause supporting RAICES is on sale through October 8th! A reminder that all proceeds from this coat will be donated directly to the charity. Since we launched the shop, you’ve raised $885 for this cause! Thank you all for being so supportive!

Artist Applications

Applications are now officially closed, and we have moved into the review stage! We anticipate that round two should begin in just over two weeks, so applicants can anticipate hearing back from us around then. We had a number of wonderful submissions in round one - thank you all for your interest & time!

New Items

Many new items were donated for public usage this month! You can find the full list in this post, and as always, you can view all of our items here.

Backgrounds, companions, accessories, magical accoutrements… So many new things!

Unique Order Interface Update

We pushed some changes to our Unique Order shops, which we hope will aid in planning for your future customs and sprouts. You can review these changes in detail here!

Ye Olde Midsummer Faire Wrap-up

Our Summer event, Ye Olde Midsummer Faire, has come to its end! The prize shop is now open, and will remain so through September 14th. Faire Tickets are being compiled manually and will be distributed ASAP - hopefully by the end of the day today!

We are also collecting feedback for this event; you can find more details and the survey link here!

Keep your faire ticket as a memento for your sticker book!

Posted 09/01/19, edited 09/01/19
-Wiggles in anticipation of new seasonal-
Posted 09/01/19

Is it possible to donate custom coats instead of just custom edits? <.<; Myla

(I’m not really sure where else to stick this question…I figured this is the place all the new sponsored items are posted though)

Posted 09/05/19
Arintol That is super sweet of you to think of such a thing and to ask about it! We aren’t accepting coat donations since that gets more complicated with needing to create the opposite pose for ineki & dras (a time consuming and often difficult endeavor in the cases the coat is old or we can’t remember what techniques/brushes we used). We’ve also been asked about sponsorship for brand new site coat sets, and that’s something we may put careful consideration into down the line if it appeals to enough players. <3
Posted 09/05/19
I would be very interested in sponsoring new coats! :D
Posted 09/05/19
I would certainly be happy to sponsor new coats as well!  I still miss being able to gift customs like we used to, so this sounds like it could be the next best thing.
Posted 09/05/19

So, this is something I’ve been curious about since June, but would it be possible to get an update on the 2019 roadmap? (I want to emphasise, I mean no aggression if it comes off that way. Just curiosity, an inability to properly express myself the first time around, and far too much free time.)

Priority #1, major update: Finish Adventuring! We still have the open beta, updates according to open beta feedback, and the actual feature release, but we’re done with the majority of the heavy coding.January News Discussion

This was listed as the first priority, but now we’re in September and are seemingly no closer to release, much less any closer to the release of any of the other proposed features:

Priority #2, minor updates: At least one game release…
Priority #3, major update: [...]updating the marketplace, search, and will also include [...] the unreleased item recolors….
Priority #4, minor updates: [...] the fishing additions/recipe expansion ready to go here as well…January News Discussion

From here

Obviously, I’ve heavily edited my quotes to just the tangible and/or requested changes, but I would like to request an updated version of the planned updates, given how late it is in the year and how none of the priorities has been fulfilled.

Posted 09/07/19

The list and the ordering haven’t changed, though the tasks listed as minor updates are more flexible and can more easily be shoved in here and there. I love this quote from Through the Looking Glass, because it provides an accurate description of how these major upgrades go:

“A slow sort of country!” said the Queen. “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”Through the Looking Glass

Needless to say, it’s slow-going since these are tasks we must fit in above and beyond our normal duties. It’s particularly rough for glitch since he has a full-time job where he is coding all day on top of (a lot) of misc. smaller Mycena Cave coding-related tasks. The major upgrades heavily rely on huge amounts of coding hours from him, and he needs to be careful not to completely burn himself out and to maintain some semblance of a work-life balance.

My goal for this month is to hit the non-coding Adventuring to-do list hard (I’m taking a slow art week next week to focus on it), and glitch’s goal is to get No Risk No Reward added to the site games in “playtesting” mode, and to chip away at more of the Adventuring to-do list this month too. You can see our extensive break-down of what needs to be done for the Adventure System here.

As far as how much of our plans we’ll be able to conquer before the end of the year—it’s very hard to predict since any sort of blip means we need to focus on the blip instead of the upgrades. I imagine our list is too ambitious in terms of what we’ll be able to accomplish before the year is out. That said, we are still very hopeful to have the marketplace upgrades done before the end of the year.

Posted 09/11/19
bruh I’m so jazzed about no risk no reward I can’t wait to bug boney for forever
Posted 09/11/19
New Items!

More items donated by players and staff!!

New in Sullie’s Closet

Itsy Bitsy Earrings sponsored by Oxton, created by Plasma | Beloved Rose sponsored by Ishy and Sapphy, created by Plasma and Myla | Tealight Lantern sponsored by Ishy and Sapphy, created by Plasma and Myla | Galactic Earrings sponsored by Purr, created by Plasma | Kingly Crown sponsored by Lycan, created by Myla | Drifty Circadian Coils sponsored by ErsatzLace, created by Plasma and Myla | Celestial Charm Bracelet sponsored by ErsatzLace, created by Myla

New in Fungimental Magic

Golden Touch of the Moon sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Plasma and Myla

New in Leeetle Companions

Rowdy Cloud sponsored by Tamako, created by Plasma

New in Val’s Modern Composition

Ocean Fae Wings sponsored by Purr, created by Morgan

New in Lands Within

Corona Borealis sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Myla

Another big upload, so please echo me if you notice any errors. If you’re interested in learning more about the edit donation process, please see this post!

Thank you so much to those who donated their edits!

Posted 09/11/19
Very exciting! I’ve always loved a bunch of these items! Especially those Ocean Fae Wings. They’re so pretty!
Posted 09/11/19
Myla Thank you for the detailed breakdown! I’m glad to see things are still moving, even if it doesn’t seem like it from the frontend. I wish you and glitch all the best of luck with everything that still needs to be done!
Posted 09/12/19

New item splurge! Thanks to Myla and everyone who donated!

Posted 09/12/19
Chimerical The constellation sticking out of their head like a unicorn horn is making me <3333333333333
Posted 09/12/19
I’m so glad someone enjoyed the constellation background, and I love being able to see it on another pet beside Kigal! Looks so adorable :D
Posted 09/13/19
Is there a reason all layers of an item can’t be toggled off? (I’m wondering because in cases like dras wings it’d be nice if we could toggle them off by toggling off wings we put on the pets)
Posted 09/19/19

Arintol Yep! Some items can “replace” certain components of a pet (e.g. wigs replacing existing hair, wings replacing default wings, etc). To accomplish this, the layer which is to replace a base wing layer is annotated to indicate that it is a wing, and so should occlude any base layers that are categorized as wings. So the simple answer to your question is: if you toggled off all layers of an item, then you would not include any layers annotated with occlusion categories, so no base layers would end up being removed.

In theory, we could make an item with a completely transparent layer that is annotated as though it were a wig, or a set of wings, or similar. In practice, we would not do so: we aim to keep the mechanics as straight forward as possible for the sake of simplicity and to reduce the amount edge cases we have to worry about when creating customs and site coats. The method we could go about making the dras wings toggleable in a way that is more mechanically simple that creates fewer edge cases is to make the template dras wings on site coats toggleable rather than having an item that does it—I would go through and double check each of the site dras coats to make sure they don’t look broken/uncolored with their wings toggled off, fix the ones that need it, and update the metadata on those layers to enable toggling. This is something I may do at some point since the wings being toggled off on site dras coats wouldn’t break too many of the interactions between site items and the coats.

Posted 09/22/19
Ah, that makes sense. Thank you so much for responding, Myla! ^-^
Posted 09/22/19
Hey! I have a request/suggestion. :3c Would it be possible to turn the layers of the Flowerscape into toggles? Since it’s got three different sections and all? I think it’d make the item a lot more versatile if it’s possible! c’:
Posted 09/22/19
Tamako Done! You may need to re-equip to see the update. :D
Posted 09/23/19
Omg, thank you, Myla! <3 ;o;
Posted 09/23/19