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[EVENT] The Winter Watch (Jan. 20th - Feb. 2nd)

Each winter, Mycenians gather as a community to view the first snow as it drifts down into the branches of the Sacred Tree, celebrating the change of season with a small festival known as the Winter Watch.

As the days grow colder, activity has been bustling in the small square that surrounds the Sacred Tree. Keen eyes have been trained on the rocky ceiling above it, where a crevice opens up to the gloomy sky and the cold chill of a winter’s breeze can be felt as it howls through the Cave. All around the square, small festival stands have begun to appear, erected by the tiny paws and claws of some of the Cave’s tiniest, weirdest residents.

It would seem that this year, several of the odd little creatures that live alongside the more typical Mycenians have decided to host the festival. The stands are a little smaller than would be ideal—some larger Mycenians may have to crouch down a bit—but the care that went into each and every one can be seen in the careful, if unskilled, workmanship. Most of the festival stands still appear to be under construction, but the writing on three particular signs can be made out:

Latest weather predictions indicate that a snowstorm should be rolling in on January 20th. From then, the Winter Watch festivities will last through February 2nd. All Mycenians are encouraged to attend and take part in the activities, and may even find themselves leaving with a prize or two when all is said and done!

Things to Remember:
  • The Winter Watch will begin on January 20th and run through the end of the day on February 2nd.

  • This is a small event in a similar vein to previous years’ Winter Fun Book events, but will be hosted on the forums. It is comprised of several creative activities for players to participate in. Each activity will have its own rules and guidelines for participation, so be sure to read carefully!

  • There is one unique item prize for this event. Players who complete a minimum of three activities will receive the prize.

  • Additionally, each activity will be raffling off one Glowing Changingshroom among the players who have completed it. For every 50 unique players who participate in the activity, an additional Glowing Changingshroom will be raffled off.

The festival has begun! Come join the festivities!
Posted Jan 11, edited Jan 20
Winter Watch Update!

As the clouds gather in the sky and the chilly wind starts to pick up, it would appear that a few more of the festival stands have now been unveiled:

Additionally, the item prize for this event has been unveiled! Completing a minimum of three Winter Watch activities will earn you the Snowy Dawn avatar background! Snowy Dawn was made by King!

You may see some of the festival stand hosts modeling this background over the next several days!
They are excited to drum up interest in their stands, and are looking at it as a marvelous advertising opportunity!

Posted Jan 14
The Winter Watch Festival has begun! Come join the festivities!
Posted Jan 20, edited Jan 20