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December News Discussion
It’s December!

This month’s OotS coat is the gorgeous Three Wishes, which is available for purchase along with its Starry Eyes and Head in the Clouds. Chou is the talent behind the coat itself, the Starry Eyes were made by Hush, and the frame was a collaboration between the two of them! This set is available in the Out of the Shadows shop until the end of the day on December 31st!

The Mycenaissance

We have chosen the six player-submitted prompts from November’s Mycenaissance! You can expect to see one of these used every other month, starting in January. Congratulations to our winners — we will be in touch regarding guest judging if you included that you were interested! As always, thanks to everyone who entered!

This month, we’d like to discuss your character’s family history. Perhaps they come from a long line of royalty and they embrace their proud legacy, but fear that they’ll never live up to their grandfather’s name… or maybe they have much darker roots that they’re trying to break away from. Family history can play a big part in a character’s motivations, and we would like you to tell us about how your character’s bloodline has influenced the person they are, or how it has inspired the person they want to be.

November’s raffle has been drawn!

This past month we held another raffle, which awarded a handful of Glowing Changingshrooms, some Cave Capsules, gems, and even the opportunity to spotlight one of your Mycenians on the front page on a desired date! You can find our list of winners here, and expect another raffle to surface around the middle of December!

Marcy’s Harvest Festival wrap-up

After spending a couple of weeks getting our hands (paws?) dirty by helping to harvest the fields, Marcy’s Harvest Festival has come to an end! He is incredibly thankful for all the help you provided on the farm, and the Scholarcrows hope that you enjoyed their festival games (and their tricky dancing puzzle)!

All prizes from the festival games have been distributed, and our leftover Magical Seed raffle has concluded. Congratulations to everyone who was lucky enough to take home an extra prize!

The Moonlight Collection

Right around Halloween, a festive new shop was opened, stocking only the spookiest of accessories for Mycenians to enjoy. We hope that everybody had the chance to purchase everything they wanted, but if not, we expect the Moonlight Collection to return around the same time next year!

See you next year!

Secret Santa is back!

As the season of giving is now upon us, Mycena Cave is hosting its 3rd annual Secret Santa! Anyone whose account was created before October 28, 2016 is eligible to participate, and the deadline for sign-ups is 23:59 ST on December 6th. Be sure to sign up soon if you’d like to take part!

You can find more information on the process and rules right over here!

Can you feel winter creeping in?

Brr! That stubborn chill in the air can only mean one thing — winter will be upon us shortly! This means that Bruc will once again be rotating his stock of seasonal mushrooms. Autumn’s seasonal coats will be going away on December 20th at 23:59 ST, and will be replaced by winter favorites old and new!

Santa Claus isn’t the only thing comin’ to town!

Posted 12/01/16
Nice! Looking forward to finding out what the new seasonal mushroom will be :D (I won’t be able to afford them for a while since I will be spending my nuggets on these amazing OOTS coats OvO)
Posted 12/01/16, edited 12/01/16

Dras have grown on me over the months and now I still want a Frazil… But I also need to convert my nuggets for the monthly, and maybe save for the new seasonal… So many things to buy this month!

I just gotta resist temptation to buy a Three Wishes immediately. So cute.

Posted 12/01/16

*becomes Kermit the Frog wearing a cloak*

Vely  Get it day of release

Posted 12/01/16

*points at frieza* EVILEN FROGGEN!

Seriously though, I am SO excited for Secret Santa and to see the new seasonal coat! And as usual, congrats to the staff for running a fantastic event! :D

Posted 12/01/16

Dear Mycena Cave,

Please don’t make the new winter seasonal coat something I absolutely have to have, because after getting Death’s Embrace it’ll be time to start saving up for a Frazil. Thank! ;3

My Bank


(Edit: those Starry Eyes got me immediately. xD Interesting that they’re one layer on Ineki, but two—one for each individual eye—on Drasillis.)

Posted 12/01/16, edited 12/01/16
Question, are we not doing a survey for the Harvest event this time? :o
Posted 12/04/16
Lala Typically, full surveys are only issued when we either release a new variety of event or we change a major mechanic. That being said, we are always reading through feedback players post and take suggestions, ideas, and criticisms into account when planning future events! :) We love hearing player thoughts and are aiming for constant improvement.
Posted 12/04/16
Dove Thank you! :) I think I vastly preferred the way this event went over the Harvest Event last year, so I just wanted to say that. ^^
Posted 12/04/16
I really liked this event!! I found myself screaming with rage at the freaking veggie vocabulary a number of times, though. xD I kept getting the same few letters over and over and over. Just made me realize I went at it the wrong way, but I’ll be much more prepared for an event like that next time. :o
Posted 12/04/16
OMG ditto Raja the dictionary was horrible
Posted 12/04/16

Mmm, personally, I disliked that with the “veggie vernacular” minigame there seemed to be two mechanics at odds with each other. Having a wordlist full of 10-letter words, and only allowing people to “store” something like 15(?) letters at a time made it arbitrarily difficult, imo, especially compared to the time/difficulty commitment of the other games, and the way there was no way for me as a player to mitigate it. The dictionary was a little annoying though, but kinda reminded me of old-school spellstones lol.

Overall it was a really fun event. The items in this one (including the event shop) are amazing! It’s probably my favourite set of event items on site.

Posted 12/05/16
Secret Santa!! Yay!
Posted 12/05/16