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September News Discussion
It’s September!

September’s OotS is Rhyme’s Sugarsweet! It’s joined by an Unlikely Sight and Cute Ear Piercings. They will be available in the OotS shop until the end of the day on September 30th, so be sure to pick one (or several) up while you can!

New Mycenaissance

August’s Mycenaissance raffle will be pulled later today, and September’s will officially be opened for submissions! This month, we’re embracing the upcoming change in seasons by asking you to tell us about a time your character faced a significant life change and how it affected them.

Summer event

Our Summer event, Into the Caves is wrapping up! We’ve journeyed deep into the uncharted tunnels of the Cave and discovered a new settlement of Drasillis, but now it’s time to head back home. Remember, you have until September 4th to complete any remaining challenges and until 23:59 on September 5th to turn in your Unusual Rocks for prizes!

Soon I will have the largest collection of rocks in Mycena Cave!!!

New fall seasonal

September 22nd officially marks the first day of autumn! As usual, Bruc will be rotating his stock of seasonal mushrooms at that time, so if you were planning on picking up one of our summer seasonal coats, make sure you do so before they’re gone!

This autumn, a new seasonal will be available for purchase and previous years’ autumn coats will be returning. Keep an eye out for previews!

Welcome back to the Lammergeier and Grim Harvest Mushrooms!

Raffle time

We will be drawing a raffle at 00:01 on September 8th! You can purchase your tickets from now up until that time. More details on the prizes and ticket prices can be found in this thread. Good luck, everyone!

Artist trial period concludes

We are excited to announce that Chou and Meru have officially completed their trial period and will become full staff artists! They have already done some incredible work for Mycena Cave — you can see the fruit of Chou’s labor here and Meru’s here. Congratulations to both of our new artists; we can’t wait to see your future work!

Cuties made by Chou & Meru respectively!

Introducing a new programmer

After years of glitch single-handedly shouldering Mycena Cave’s coding needs, we are finally welcoming another coder onto the team. Please welcome juvian! Juvian joins the team from Argentina, and is an avid fan of reading, anime, and programming! One of his projects was creating this Minesweeper game, which you can try out at the link. He’s also a big time collector of screen wallpapers, and currently has over a thousand in his collection. We are excited to have him on the team!

Revamped inventory

Juvian has definitely come onto the scene with a bang! His first contribution to Mycena Cave is a much-needed revamp of the inventory system! Overall, we feel it’s a very welcome improvement, boasting such points as:

  • A much cleaner presentation! Now, when you click on an item in your inventory, instead of it expanding and pushing the rest of your items down onto new lines, a pop-out window will appear. From here, you can equip, sell, unequip, or move an item to a different pocket.
  • Stack splitting! Stacks of items can now be split between different pockets with ease. You will have the ability to select the exact number of an item you’d like to put into a different pocket, rather than having to move the entire stack at once.
  • Keyboard shortcuts! Once you’ve clicked an item, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to tab through the other items in that pocket. Additionally, you can press ESC to exit the pop-out interface and return to the inventory proper.
Posted 09/01/16
Loving the new inventory! Hooray for Juvian. :D
Posted 09/01/16
Congrats to Meru and Chou and welcome to Juvian! Also wow! The new OotS set is so cute! <3
Posted 09/01/16

Aaaa, everything looks so exciting! And welcome, juvian!

(Half-hoping the seasonal isn’t to my tastes… I need to save my nuggets and I like this monthly…)

Posted 09/01/16

The new inventory is great :)

Sugarsweet coat looks really cute too!

Posted 09/01/16

I really like the Sugarsweet coat, it’s so sparkly and adorable. And I am ridiculously excited to see the new seasonal previews when they come out.

Welcome to juvian! Thank you for the updates to the inventory, it looks great.

Posted 09/01/16

Welcome Juvian! I’m loving the inventory.
Here’s hoping the minesweeper games makes it into Mycena in some iteration. I palyed around a bit and it seemed pretty fun, though I couldn’t figure out how to flag and lost to an easy bomb lol. I love minesweeper and it makes more sense than echolocation. OwO

And grats to the artists for making it through! If I remember right this means the shortlisted ones will begin training soon too, so best of luck to them as well (sorry that I forgot who)!

Posted 09/01/16, edited 09/01/16
Does that mean anything is possible in Mycena, now that pigs can fly?!?! xD
Posted 09/01/16

Welcome on the team you guys! * waves flags for you *

I love the new inventory, no more need of trying to sell an item serveral times either. Which the old system gave a lot of x_X;
Also the new monthly I imagine they wound all work in candy stores or be selling elegant/cute wear x’3

Posted 09/01/16

Welcome to the team, juvian :). As an item collector, thank you for the inventory! I was trying to make a pocket not too long ago & figure out how to get my “sale items” into the pocket while keeping my inventory intact. I’m rather picky how I keep my items because of this. :P Nice way to start the month for sure!

Posted 09/01/16

Ahhh! So many good updates!

Congrats Meru and Chou! Glad to see you fully on!!! I love my Meru custom! Hopefully I can add a Chou one as well! 8)

And welcome Juvian!!! Extra help is always great, and the inventory looks great! Good job :) Cant wait to see more from you!

Posted 09/01/16
Pleased as punch to have you on the team, juvian c: I dare say I’ve known you for a while & am beyond certain the mutual benefit has great potential ♥ Rooting for you~ !
Posted 09/01/16
new inventory system is pretty dope :> a much needed improvement
Posted 09/01/16
Welcome, Juvien! :D I love the new inventory system. Congratulations to the two new artists’ on their promotions, too!
Posted 09/01/16

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Glad to join the team and hope you enjoy the new inventory :D.

Jacq Haha funny you say that as echolation is my favorite game from here :P. You can place flags with right click ;). And if you right click a green cell (having the right amount of flags set from neighbors), unflagged neighbors will automatically be revealed. If you flagged the wrong cells this could make you loose so be careful!

Ally I’m a fan of item collecting as well, so was glad to revamp it! Like items so much that I have’t sold anything yet, will eventually need to sell some of this fishing stuff xD.

Juney Aw thanks ♥

Posted 09/01/16
Welcome to the team, juvian! :D You did a great job on the new inventory; everything is so neat and new and clean now!
Posted 09/02/16

Is there any way you could make it so that when an extra of an item is transferred into a pocket it remains in its same place? I like to keep my pockets organized by order they came out, which has always been an issue with my fishing pocket, lol. It’s not a big deal if not, I’d rather deal with a messy fishing pocket than my event & OotS items. >> I think the fish are adorable, so I kind of hoard all the fishing items.

Juney mentioned you were a Neopet player as well, did you collect items on there as well? :3 I used to play Neo ages ago, but I don’t play there anymore. I really didn’t get into item collecting until I became a part of the Digis community. Another site made me become a hoarder on every site I’ve played since :P. So all of that has helped shape my playing method on here.

(Edited formatting)

Posted 09/02/16, edited 09/02/16
Ally I have indeed noticed that as well! Can’t promise anything but will discuss it with glitch. And yeah, I am a r101 book collector there ;). Have been collecting for around 4 years but there is always more to collect haha. I tend to hoard stuff both in games and in life :D.
Posted 09/02/16
I’ll keep my fingers crossed then :). Lol, I’m not surprised; I know Neopets has a ridiculous amount of items. When I played, I was more obsessed with painting my pets (ixi were my favorite). Four years is quite a long time though, im sure you must have a large collection then.
Posted 09/02/16