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[Update] Sprout Queue Wait Time and Upcoming Raffle (DRAWN)!
The raffle has been drawn!

Hi everyone!

We have a couple of exciting things to announce today!

Reduced Sprout Queue Wait Time

After analysing the data and receiving feedback from staff and players, we have decided to lower the wait time on the sprout queue. Instead of the previous four month waiting period between receiving a sprout and rejoining the queue, you will now only need to wait two months.  While we know that this is an exciting update for many of you, please keep in mind that we may need to make further adjustments (increasing or decreasing the wait time) after we see how this works in practice. 

This update has been pushed and is now live!

The Fawning over Fungus Raffle

It has been a while since we’ve had just a plain ol’ raffle!  Some special mushrooms have made their way into this one, which is why we think everyone will be fawning over fungus at this occasion!

The prizes will include:

  • 5x Glowing Changingshrooms*
  • 5x Torch Mushrooms**
  • 5x Wild Cenote Mushrooms**
  • 10x Cave Capsule 2013
  • 15x Cave Capsule 2014
  • 25x Gift Capsule

*A Glowing Changingshroom is a mushroom that you may feed to any non-unique Mycenian, and it will change them into a special hidden coat color unique to Glowing Changingshrooms.

**The Torch coat and the Wild Cenote coat are normally obtained by feeding a Mycenian a regular Changingshroom.  The mushrooms of these specific coats are rarely released!

Your first ticket will begin at a price of 100 nuggets. Subsequent tickets will each increase in price by 10% from the last ticket, and the raffle will be capped at 30 tickets per player.  The raffle will start Wednesday, July 13th some time in the evening server time, and run until Wednesday, July 20th at 23:59 ST.

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Posted 07/10/16
My first raffle! Good luck, everyone!
Posted 07/10/16

Ooh, a bunch of very exciting news! I’m currently waiting on my first ever sprout, so it’s awesome to hear I can submit again much sooner than I anticipated.

Also, squee, that raffle sounds pretty sweet. ^^

Posted 07/10/16
SCREAMING another raaaaaaaaffle
Posted 07/10/16

...but, but….I have no nuggos! ;^;  ...my timing on here is the worst ever for raffles =p

That aside ~ *tosses confetti, and baby blankies ~ Sproots!  More and more Sproots to watch and coo over!!! <3 how exciting!!!!

Posted 07/10/16
Y-yessss!!! A big thank you to everyone who made this possible!
Posted 07/10/16

Oooh, exciting! :D

edit: also if anyone is curious or wants to plan, I just did some quick math and got about 16464 as the price for all 30 tickets. Might be a bit off (I rounded up on all decimals, not sure if C rounds up or down or anything). If anyone has any correction feel free to let me know

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Posted 07/10/16
So much excite!!!
Posted 07/10/16

[@courier]: that is correct. This model is targeted at roughly the same cap as our old “30 tickets, 500 nuggets each” style ticket prices, but allowing for more participation at the lower end :)

Ticket # Cost of the ticket Cumulative cost of tickets Average price per ticket
1 100 nuggets 100 nuggets 100 nuggets
2 110 nuggets 210 nuggets 105 nuggets
3 121 nuggets 331 nuggets 110 nuggets
10 235 nuggets 1,591 nuggets 159 nuggets
20 611 nuggets 5,719 nuggets 286 nuggets
30 1,586 nuggets 16,436 nuggets 548 nuggets
Posted 07/10/16

[@Courier]  Thank you so much for the help!!!!  *continues fishing and nugget mining xD….

These are some lovely raffle prizes <3

Posted 07/10/16


Posted 07/10/16
Can you math out the 30 ticket price for us idiots?
Posted 07/10/16

I guess I could afford… one ticket?
My nugget income is very slack.

Posted 07/10/16

frieza I did if you look above :P

My math came out to 16464 nuggets for all 30 tickets and Glitch confirmed that that was pretty on point :)

OregonCoast No prob! I figured people would be just as curious as I had been :3

Posted 07/10/16

AHHHH I’m so excited! This will be my first raffle raffle on MC!!!

Also that reduction in sproot queue wait time? I give a big thumbs up to it. I cannot wait for my customs to be done and gift them a sproot <3

Posted 07/10/16

Reduction of sprout wait time is awesome.

And I’ve been saving for a GCS raffle for a while. I’m totally ready :D

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Eeeee. I’m always so hesitant about spending so much on raffles but… you know what, I’m splurging this time as a treat to myself. Maybe some birthday luck will rub off on me. 8|
Posted 07/10/16

~*(Jigawatta rolls around gleefully in news of another shot for GCS Shrooms!)*~

Such exciting stuff ~
How I would adore a Stardust Firework - or Royal Red / Twilight Woods *u*

Good luck everybody :D
-Goes & gets Shigeru & his pickaxe to go mining cave in for those 17000 nuggets hehehe…-

EDIT: That said, I would be totally made up to receive any of the prizes :P

EDIT EDIT: Rejoice over the glorious sprooots <3
Posted 07/10/16, edited 07/10/16
Posted 07/11/16


A sprout is a unique pet that is created by going through the custom/sprout queue. In order to get one, you have to form a geness through the Sacred Tree (found under the Places tab). A geness looks like this:


It can have as few as one pet in it, but there is no limits on how many total pets can be in a geness. You can see this geness’s sprouts listed under his information box.

Once it’s formed, you submit it through the sprout queue and an artist will pick it up when they have time. They will create a pet based on the geness. The person submitting the geness has no say in what the pet design with look like, however. You do have the ability to select a general range of how much its edits will cost, but not why type of edits it will have. You pay for sprouts through PP, which is a currency bought through real life cash. You can also earn it by selling items to other players, though.

If none of those are an option for you, the site also periodically holds sprout raffles you can enter.

Posted 07/11/16
Oooh nice *A* But question from oldienewbie here… how/where do you buy tickets for the raffle? O___O
Posted 07/11/16
The raffle will start Wednesday, July 13th some time in the evening server time, and run until Wednesday, July 20th at 23:59 ST.
I think it opens later, [@Celyon]. ^^
Posted 07/11/16

Oh, the queue wait time is now shorter… nice… *Cries while throwing money at Mycena Cave.*

But really, I am super hyped to see new sprouts! And I will get some more myself. >:3c

Hello darkness, my old friend…

Posted 07/11/16
Thank you!
Posted 07/11/16

Nooo, I’m broke! WHY NAO. WHYYYYY!??

Yay for the sprout queue tho. ouo b !!!

Posted 07/11/16
Question, what are in those capsules?
Posted 07/11/16

[@limbotomy] Cave Capsules contain a random OotS item from the year they are (mushrooms included) and gift capsule contains a random item that was previously a free gift!

I have a full guide with pics here if you wanna look :D

Posted 07/11/16

The Cave Capsules contain one random OotS item from the specified year (which includes the OotS coat mushrooms), and the Gift Capsules contain a random ‘freebie’ item that we’ve given out in the past. :)

Edit: Courier beat me to it, haha.

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