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“What brings you here?”

echoes a voice from the shadows, as clear as the bright beam of light that stabs through the darkness, landing directly on you. A startled glance around does not reveal the owner of the voice, though you are now fairly sure you’re in a spacious, and rather empty, cavern, lit only by the single beam of light. How did you wind up here? The beam, which flickers as particles of dust ebb past, is of no help for now as it has left you squinting and blinking rapidly. You will need a bit of time to get used to the sudden change of brightness.

“Well?” repeats the voice. You realize then that you can’t seem to make out whether it’s feminine or masculine.


“Very well,” the voice replies after a long pause. The beam of light stutters out and footsteps retreat from the cavern. Before you can call out for the stranger to wait, rays of soft light filter in through the ceiling, seemingly from nowhere. Now that you can see, it’s apparent that the cavern is far from empty.

From Infinity to Empress to Legend to Ever to Lixi to Khaliffa to, finally, Insigne. Will I ever settle for a username!? That remains to be seen. (update: so far, so good!)

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Welcome! My name is Insigne, but feel free to shorten it however you want. I do still go by Airy Leg, but that’s a long story. Offline, I’m female, I have a twin sister and we currently live in Southeast Asia, so expect my times to differ from other players. I do tend to check in at least once a day but if, for whatever reason, you’d prefer to reach me elsewhere, I’m justinsigne on Skype.

I have a passion for reading and a stomach for eating and, if you don’t mind the favor being returned, I love receiving nicknames. I doodle a little, read webcomics at my leisure, and spend much of my days bingewatching whatever’s on television. While my roleplaying is iffy, I’m fond of making sure my characters aren’t lonely hermits for the rest of their lives. Shoot me an echo if you think our pets would make great friends, lovers, or even enemies!

Currently: I am trying to slip into the roleplaying scene. Don’t let the guards know I used the back entrance!

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“Hrmph,” comes again from the shadows, a displeased response.

Suddenly, you feel the urge to blink… once… twice… your surroundings gradually fade out…


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