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[THE DRAWNTLET] Image Hosting Reminder

Hi, everyone!

We’re loving all of your Drawntlet pieces so far, but have noticed a significant number of display issues with submissions. If you’ve received a message from staff about fixing your images, the likely problem is that you linked your image from Discord.

Within the last few months or so, Discord has stopped supporting the hotlinking of images uploaded to its servers, causing any image hosted in that manner to appear broken when posted on the forums here (or anywhere else). As such, we would like to remind everyone that you’ll need to upload your images to a different image host - someplace like imgur, lensdump, postimages deviantART, tumblr, or instagram. (If there is a particular image host you like that is not listed here, please feel free to share it!)

If you have been using Discord to host your images, please re-upload them and edit your posts so that they display properly! We have reopened the Week 1 thread to allow for posts to be fixed so that we can mark them properly — it will close once again after 23:59ST on July 14th.

Thanks, and happy Drawntlet-ing!

Posted Jul 9
Other hosting sites you can use are: OpenDrive, File Garden and potentially Toyhou.se (You do need an invite code though). :‘D
Posted Jul 9

I have 5 Toyhouse codes that I’m going to go ahead and post here for anyone who needs them! Please comment if you take one just so it’s clear which ones are used B)


edit: removed 2 3 used codes!

edit 7/17: both codes are still available!

Posted Jul 9, edited Jul 17
As a mobile user, fyi there’s an app called quick imgur that lets you host to imgur without having to deal with all the loading and ads etc, just pure image hosting made for phones! It saves me so much time and frustration lmao
Posted Jul 9

Hey! Been lurking and saw this, so I’ll toss out that if all 5 of Purr’s invites to Toyhouse get used up, I can generate plenty more too! I have a backlog of 600something codes I can make, so… just ping me or something if those 5 get used up!

Posted Jul 10