23:49 ST
[EVENT] Sundown at the MC Corral (August 27 - September 10)

The rumble of the train beneath you is oddly soothing, even as your teeth rattle over every rail. You’ve been looking forward to this for months – your big break, an end of summer vacation to a secluded beach far across the cavern. It’s going to be perfect. You sigh, content that all’s right with the world, and press your cheek against the foggy glass of your window.

Outside, the frontier stretches. Dirt and dust as far as the eye can see, only interrupted by an occasional cactus. On the distant horizon you can just make out the cool purple silhouette of vast cliff sides. It’s peaceful and empty. You wonder if anyone has properly explored this expanse of the Cave. Probably.

You’re not certain when you nod off, but your pleasant dreams of seaside capers are abruptly interrupted by the sound of an explosion, your head bouncing twice, hard, against the window. The blast is followed by the shrieking of metal on metal and then… yelling? You blink and rub your forehead tenderly. Night has fallen, but you can still tell that the desert has stopped speeding past the window. The train has stopped completely, but there’s still movement outside.

The yelling increases.

If you squint, you can just see what looks like a herd of… hooved kelphi? They stampede by your train car with a few ineki and drasilis partners hooting and hollering on their backs. Their faces are covered by bandanas, and each one has a cloak tied around their necks, billowing out behind them.

This is a robbery. You realize with a dawning sense of horror. These are outlaws!

You clutch your only bag closer to your chest and sink into your seat until you can only just see over the windowsill. The door to your cabin bangs open, and a dusty-furred ineki saunters in, twirling a pistol. Most of their face is also concealed with a bandanna, but their golden eyes twinkle as they survey the terrified passengers. They wink at you and your heart flutters.

“Good evenin’, gentle Cave dwellers. I do hope you’ll pardon our intrusion, we just happened to notice you’re haulin’ some mighty valuable freight through our humble abode. Freight I happen to have an interest in.”

“Seems only fair that you’d share a cut of your goods with me, bein’ the local proprietor and all. Consider it taxation, if that helps. Now, don’t worry your pretty heads too much – you can keep all your personal effects, and no harm will come to any of you, so long as you’re behavin’. You’ll find I’m quite charitable, benevolent even, but we’ve all got our virtues and vices, and no one’d ever mistake me for patient.”

Their gaze hardens as they turn towards another passenger who had been having a not-so-subtle go at their window latch. The passenger stills and drops their paws sheepishly into their lap. After a moment more, the outlaw snorts and shakes a dismissive paw.

“I thank you for your patience and understanding, from the bottom of my heart,” and they twist into a mocking bow. “It sounds like my team has just about finished. Unfortunately, we can’t allow you to continue down this line right away. Have some business down yonder we don’t much want interruptin’. Enjoy the rest of your evenin’.” They tip their hat and give their pistol a final spin before holstering it and sweeping from the cabin once more.

Silence follows in their wake. Several minutes pass before the night is filled with the sound of galloping once more, and the outlaws are gone.

The door reopens, and your beleaguered looking train conductor enters, their hat clenched in their paws. “Alright folks, everybody settle, everybody settle.” You resist pointing out that everyone in the cart is far calmer and more settled than the conductor appears to be. He probably deserves a break.

“Unfortunately, it’s going to take some time to get the train up and running again, and we can’t have y’all milling about the tracks in the meantime.” He gives you an apologetic look, as if any of this is his fault. At least the outlaws didn’t take any of your things, but it doesn’t seem like you’re going to be taking that beach vacation any time soon…

“Till then, I reckon we’ll need to hunker down somewhere safe and cozy. There’s a little outpost nearabouts. It’s a humble settlement, nothing flashy, but the folks there are mighty hospitable. We’ll set out shortly; it’s a few days walk but, er… You’ll get to take the scenic route?”

Next Stop: Tumbleweed Junction!

We’ll be rollin’ into town roundabout 12:00 ST on August 27th!

Saddle up for a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

Event Information
  • Sundown at the MC Corral will begin at 12:00ST on August 27th and run through 23:59 ST on September 10th.
  • This event consists of several forum-based activities, participation in which will earn you Silver Dollars to be redeemed at the General Store. The General Store will remain open through September 17th.
  • There will also be a handful of event-flavored Random Encounters, from which you may receive special items (which will later be available for purchase in our seasonal shops).
  • The activities in this event will be marked manually, with a spreadsheet available for viewing where we will note participants’ current points.
    • Prizes will also be distributed manually.
    • We will try our best to keep up with grading and prize distribution throughout the event, but please be patient with us!
  • Each activity will have its own set of submission guidelines, which will be outlined in the activity thread.

  • There will also be one chance-based games-slash-giveaway, where every player is guaranteed some sort of prize at the end of the event. Each player may participate once in the game.

  • Participation in at least 2 activities will earn you the event sticker!

Posted 08/21/23
aw heck yes 8)
Posted 08/21/23
YEEHAW! I am very excited for this event!
Posted 08/21/23
Just in time before Yeehawgust ends!
Posted 08/21/23
Sounds exciting! :D
Posted 08/21/23
Hoping anything daily will be an easy quick answer *crosses fingers* since we’ll be away a few days.
Posted 08/22/23
Sounds exciting!! Looking forward to it :D :D
Posted 08/22/23
Looking forward to the new event <3
Posted 08/23/23
cowboy western???
Posted 08/27/23
This event has started!

Head on over to the town square to begin exploring Tumbleweed Junction!

Posted 08/27/23

I rewrote all the clues in plain English if anyone is having trouble parsing the prose! They’re spoilered out individually so if you’re only stumped on one specific one you can just click to it.

Link here!

Posted 08/29/23
The random events/encounters have been fixed!

Some of y’all noticed that the random events/encounters weren’t appearing - that wasn’t intentional! We set them up at the beginning of the event, but for some mysterious reason they weren’t triggering. Glitch has fixed them with his magic, and you should all be getting events/encounters as intended. Please let me (or any other coordinator) know if you find anything amiss!

Posted 08/30/23
yess i like this event but how do i do this event its new to me? also dont know how to get this events tokens though
Posted 08/31/23
Reminder: The prize shop closes at the end of the day today!

You can check if you’ve spent your silver dollars here and buy prizes here!

Posted 09/17/23
Autobuy performed on unspent points, and stickers distributed!

Please echo me with any errors! If you forgot to spend your points and you aren’t happy with the items you got, contact me and we can do a trade.

Posted 09/18/23