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[Bin-GO RP] Prompt Suggestions
Bin-GO RP Prompt Suggestions

It’s that time of year again! We’re dusting off the bingo card generator and switching out its bank of prompts for a whole new set of tropes.

Do you have a favorite trope? Is there a particular character interaction that you think would be fun to RP? We’d love to hear them! We’ll be gathering suggestions until January 23, after which we’ll update the generator for any new cards rolled in 2023.

As a reminder, bingo card prompts are ideas that players would be working towards in their scenes. These should focus on character interactions and other similarly small goals—for example, dancing with someone or accidentally dropping an item.

You may make as many suggestions as you’d like. Don’t worry about whether or not something has already been suggested; if a prompt shows up more than once, we’ll know it’s a popular one! If you prefer not to post in this thread, please feel free to echo Crow and/or Prose with your suggestions. We’ll keep a running list of all the ideas we receive.

For more information about Bin-GO RP:

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Posted Jan 9

nearly that time again. Perhaps I’ll get more than 3 bingos this year :‘D

1. One character goes on a dramatic monologue, not realizing they are being overheard
2. Two or more characters compete to see who is better in a skill
3. A fight breaks out to keep something precious (could be a position/thing/person)
4. A good omen appears
5. A bad omen appears
6. A small animal startles or intrigues the characters
7. One character trips over their own feet
8. One character says something they immediately regret
9. A freak weather event appears
10. Free Square (have to link an RP post to claim it)

Posted Jan 9, edited Jan 9

YAY! (okay some of these are gonna be suggestively romantic which is what gets ME excited to write but i will try to put non-romantic alternatives where that happens!)

1. and there was only one bed…. (or office/desk/open spot of some kind)
2. alternatively: and they were roommates! oh my god they were roommates…. (or any other sort of socially/logistically forced cohabitation)
3. um…. ill add more xoxo ♥♥

Posted Jan 9

!) The characters experience a situation where the instructions given to them, or expected of them, are unclear.
2) Word salad happens.
3) A food or drink tastes or smells like it has gone sour.
4) The characters commiserate about their various aches and pains.
5) One character shares a life complaint that the other says they cannot relate to.
6) A blanket fort happens.
7) Someone unintentionally rams a toe/finger/knee/elbow into a door or furniture item.
8) Someone lost the plot.
9) We’re suffering in a long queue. :(
10) That splinter is the size of a TREE!
11) There is dirt, dirt everywhere.

Posted Jan 9, edited Jan 17

1) A character jumps down on to someone or something from above.
2) A character counts something.
3) A recent meal becomes the topic of conversation.
4) A character gets something they have wanted for a long time.
5) A character gives another character flowers.
6) Two or more characters attempt an occult ritual.
7) A character calls another character a member of their family for the first time.
8) A character’s alone time is interrupted.
9) A character tells another character a secret.
10) One or more characters explore a second-hand store.
11) Two characters start or continue a petty feud.
12) A character in need of a hug gets a hug.
13) A character dresses up in fancy clothes.
14) A character finds an ancient map, with an X marking a mysterious location…
15) A character tries to cool themself down on a hot day.
16) One or more characters play with toy dinosaurs.
17) Two characters make a toast.
18) A character tells another character that they believe in them.
19) A ghost appears!
20) A character is dismissive of the idea that something supernatural could be real.
21) A character spends a conversation communicating solely with gestures and facial expressions (or emoji/emoticons/kaomoji if over text).
22) A character pretends to be a detective.
23) A character gets stranded somewhere, injured, believing that they will not be rescued.
24) A character writes a letter.
25) A ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ situation occurs.
26) A character plays a prank on another character.
27) Two characters have a VERY awkward first meeting.
28) Two or more characters dance together.
29) Parkour!
30) A character makes a risky gamble.

haha I keep making suggestions and then never participate… OTL Perhaps this year it’ll be different…

Posted Jan 9, edited Jan 19

The h/c and caretaking block 8)

  1. Character insists on doing something dangerous (or at least inadvisable) despite being ill/injured
  2. Character catches the other from fainting/falling
  3. Character falls sick
  4. Character gets injured
  5. Character does something nice for a sick character
  6. Character dresses another’s wounds
  7. Character insists they are fine despite not being fine
  8. Character attempts to hide their illness/injury from the other
  9. Character asks another for support/care
  10. Character is surprised by another’s trust in them
  11. Character feels useless/like a burden
  12. Character falls asleep somewhere inappropriate
  13. Character falls asleep on another’s shoulder/lap/etc.
  14. Character protects another from an injury/curse/etc.
  15. Character needs help to walk/stay upright
  16. Character begs another character to stay awake
  17. Character is woken up by pain
  18. Character comforts another following a nightmare

Soft moments! (Or they could also be awful depending on context.)

  1. Character gets to pet something cute
  2. Character shares their comfort food with another
  3. Characters watch rain/snow falling together
  4. Characters cuddle together under the same blanket
  5. Character brushes another’s hair/fur
  6. Character kisses another on the forehead
  7. Character shares stories of their past with another
  8. Character tells another they love them
  9. Character tells another they deserve good things
  10. Character tells another they’re beautiful/handsome/pretty
  11. Character praises another’s skills
  12. Characters hold hands
Posted Jan 9, edited Jan 9

Interested in trying out this Bingo thing once it’s time :)

1. Character A falls sick. Characters B and C are tasked with taking care of them. Unfortunately, characters B and C suck at caretaking.
2. Character A tries to create wings out of paper/cardboard in an attempt to fly. Character B tries to talk them out of it, while Character C want to watch the inevitable trainwreck that is about to happen.
3. Characters A and B are tasked with cooking dinner together. Chaos ensues.
4. Character A tries coffee for the first time.
5. Character A refuses to be alone during a thunderstorm.
6. Character A accidentally takes a potion that makes them act the complete opposite of their normal self for a full day.
7. While out on a picnic with characters B and C, character A throws a rock at a hornets nest.

^ These are awfully silly

Posted Jan 12

1) a character loses their train of thought
2) a character gets distracted and only hears part of a conversation
3) a character has to use a different method of communication than the one they’re used to
4) a character fixates on something that seems like an insignificant detail to another character
5) a character has to use something from their surroundings to solve a problem
6) one character shares a snack with another
7) one character compliments another character
8) a character stops to pet an animal
9) a character tries to decipher a language they aren’t fluent in
10) one character tries to protect another character from something
11) one character asks another for help with something
12) a character voices their thoughts about a piece of art/writing/music
13) a character starts to sing to themselves or another character
14) two characters have to stay quiet for a period of time
15) a character misplaces something and needs help finding it
16) one character buys something for another character
17) one character makes something for another character
18) one character introduces another character to someone
19) a character reconnects with someone they haven’t spoken with in years
20) a character runs into someone they know
21) one character shares something with another character
22) one character creates a work of art (can be visual art, music, writing, or something else)
23) one character asks another character an unexpected question
24) one character pretends to be someone else
25) one character tries the hobby of another character

Posted Jan 15

1. one character reads/skims a book
2. have a setting where ruins or an abandoned structure is involved
3. one or more character is doing chores/a chore
4. one or more character takes a break after doing something that took a lot of energy to do
5. a character is not given what they want/is prevented from getting what they wanted
6. one or more character is investigating someone else (or is being investigated themselves!)
7. have something (or someone) that would normally be considered cute or safe, and give them a sinister twist
8. one or more character indulges in a self-destructive habit, despite knowing it’s a bad idea
9. characters get into a petty argument, they take it too seriously (perhaps because there is an unresolved issue they want to avoid actually talking about)
10. something dinosaur related, can be a toy or a setting or a character or anything!

Posted Jan 15
This thread is now closed. Thank you for your suggestions, everyone!
Posted Jan 24