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September News Discussion
September has arrived!

This month, our OotS coat is Raccoon, along with their Softwood Forest and Woodland Critters! This month’s coat and items were created by Meru. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective has been refreshed with new prompts for this month!
  • Bingo RP has been tallied! Those of you who have completed a bingo may now request a new card!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be held on Thursday, September 15th!
Autumn is coming…

That’s the phrase, right? Anyway, it’s true! Enjoy your last few weeks of summer, because change is in the air! Autumn will roll in on September 22nd, at which point we must wave goodbye to our Summer Seasonal coats… to make room for mushrooms a more autumnal variety! Classics from years prior will be available, as well as our newest addition to the Autumn Seasonal collection, which will get a preview later this month!

’Activity’ Item Tag

An ‘activity’ tag was added to the Item Search page. This tag includes April Fools items and other miscellaneous not-quite-freebie items, such as those given away for forum activities and the like. We hope this makes your searching a bit easier!

The Carnival is in Town!

Follow the sounds of the calliope and the smell of fried morsels to the Summer Sunset Carnival! There are many wonders to behold, five activities and two games to enjoy, and you’ll come away with prizes and a participation sticker!

Staff Update

We are excited to announce that Crow is now a full administrator!

This is likely not a surprise to many of you, as Crow has been acting as an administrator for a long time now, taking the lead in event planning and execution, helping players, and much more. Crow is integral to operations and plays a large role in how players interact with Mycena Cave, and this change is to recognize that!

Looks like the gears will have a few more feathers in them…
(art by Crow)

Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla: Glitch added the activity tag and has fixed a few small bugs, and Myla has been working on art!
  • The coordinator team is managing the Carnival event while shifting gears to planning for the Fall event!
  • The art team are focusing on queue orders and upcoming seasonal shop items!
Posted 09/01/22
Congrats Crow! I for one welcome and adore our new bird overlords.
Posted 09/02/22

Congrats Crow!! Well done!!


Posted 09/04/22
I spent all my nugs on gems in order to get the racoon and the items. Totally worth it, even though I’m broke now. XD
Posted 09/14/22
Item Sponsorship is open again!

We are taking donated items again! Nonny is helping me out with the item conversion process which takes a lot of time and it’s why we’re able to open this again, so a big thanks goes to them! <3

To read more about item sponsorship, head over to the Item Sponsorship Knowledgebase page!

Posted 09/20/22
Also, the misc. images page has been updated!

Backgrounds should be up to date now (please reach out if you find one that’s missing)! Thanks to Myla for getting them all uploaded!

Posted 09/20/22