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October News Discussion
October Creeps In

October welcomes our new OotS, Autumnal Hymn, along with their Twisting Horns and Hardy Mums! This month’s coat was created by Morgan and items were created by Myla. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Coats for a Cause Update

Our most recent Coats for a Cause campaign has officially concluded! All told, we raised $495 for Stop AAPI Hate — incredible! Thank you again to everyone who contributed to the cause.

Activity Updates
  • Now that the Drawntlet is wrapping up, Creative Collective activities will resume for October! New prompts have been posted, so keep the creative energy rolling in our scribe, canvas, or adventure circles.

  • All claimed Bingos are currently being tallied. Once you receive confirmation that your bingo was accepted, you are welcome to request a new card!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be held on Friday, October 15th!


Dust Settles After the Drawntlet

Today is the final day to submit entries for week 5 of The Drawntlet, so make sure you’ve finished filling out the Submission Form! It’s been another incredible month of creativity and we have loved seeing all of your work. The Prize Shop has officially opened and will remain open through 23:59 ST on October 31st. We will also be holding another feedback survey, so stay tuned over the next few days; we look forward to hearing from you!

It’s time to cash out on all your hard work!

Event Incoming

We will be hosting a new event near the end of October! This will be a collection/crafting style event and will feature the return of Battleship. More information will be provided on the forums and Town Square as we get closer to the release date.

Seasonal Shop

Howard’s Moonlight Collection will reopen its doors on October 31st! Stop by to pick up some old favorites from his previous wares or treat yourself to his newest selection of items.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Behind the Veil
  • glitch worked on drawntlet activity maintenance this month and back-end fixes
  • Myla focused mostly on critical tasks—drawntlet activity maintenance and site art like the fall event art. She is behind schedule and working reduced hours due to some health-related matters but hopes to be getting back up to speed soon.
  • The coordinator team worked on drawntlet activity maintenance, fall event prep, feedback analysis and will likely be working hard on fall event prep this month.
  • The art team has worked on queue orders and fall event prep. Many on the art team are still busy IRL.
Posted 10/01/21, edited 10/04/21

I’m glad we raised so much for charity I’m really looking forward to the seasonal shop opening halloween can’t come soon enough

well really it can since this is my favorite month of the year and I’d rather it last forever.

Posted 10/01/21

aw geez, i’m sorry myla’s been unwell. :( i hope she feels better soon, sending all the good vibes i have to spare!!

however i am bummed howard isnt reappearing til the 31st. it was probably exactly the same last year and this is 100% not a request to change it. but impatient doragon is impatient. halloween! halloween! halloween! [chanting]

Posted 10/01/21

Oh heck I forgot to get last month’s set. October crept up alright. lol
I’ve been sick this past week. And I’m also fostering 4 kittens and their mom, so I’ve been super busy and it just slipped my mind. ^_^’
This month’s set is gorgeous as well. Hopefully I can get this set. (:
I’m happy I was able to get the coat for a cause pet, it is a great cause and I love my Sunshower.
And finally Halloween! :D *spooky time is the best time* Eagerly waiting for the event later this month, and also for the shop!

Posted 10/01/21
Chamber of Reflections has now been marked for September!

You’re once again free to submit a new profile for this month. :D

Posted 10/02/21

*hands out mugs of hot apple cider and bowls of chicken (musho for any veggies) noodle soups ^,^  get well soon everyone!

I’ll join DoraPie and ask for the Halloween shop to open earlier rather than on Halloween.  I always feel like a kid sat in their stale Halloween mask a week into November.  I mean, the holiday’s done by Nov 1st or 2nd at latest, so for me, it’s far more fun to decorate and celebrate Halloween during the month of October. 

Posted 10/14/21
Piggybacking to add that I would also love to see the Autumn seasonal shop open before Halloween. Some of the items I need anyhow, but I would’ve loved to use stuff to dress my pets up for October/Halloween!
Posted 10/14/21