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Season of Connections
Season of Connections

It’s that time of year again! The tiny first buds of spring are beginning to peek through the February frost, and the breeze is sweet with the scent of roses and chocolate. The Sacred Tree is practically glowing from all the love in the air, its leaves bright and rosy against the late winter gloom. Send a sentiment; hug a friend; smooch a crush — the Season of Connections has arrived!

Peent de Amor

Peent has returned once again to tend her seasonal shop! On February 14th, Peent de Amor will open once again, fully stocked with some lovely new accessories, as well as plenty of classics! She will be tending her shop night and day through February 28th, so be sure to stock up while you can!

Sweet Regards

Now is the perfect time to send along some happy thoughts to your fellow players. From February 14th through the February 21st, Valentine’s-themed envelopes are once more available through the gifting mechanic. To access gifting, head to the recipient’s profile and click on the “Give” button below the player’s stat box. There, you can select the wrapping for the message and/or gift you’d like to send along!

Sprout & Semi-Custom Raffle

As we’ve done in years past, we are raffling off a handful of sprouts/semi-customs to celebrate the season. This year, there will be a total of 7 winners drawn! Each will receive a light edit sprout for their selected geness, or a light edit semi-custom ineki (winner’s choice of ineki type, pose, and open or closed mouth) based upon a color palette of their choosing, and as usual, any staff winners means that an additional winner will be drawn. Semi-custom winners must echo their preferences to Myla within 24 hours of the raffle being drawn or the semi-custom will be entirely artistic freedom.

You can get tickets through February 21st. More information can be found on the raffle page!

Ivy’s Flowershop

Ivy is struggling with filling her flower orders during this busy time of year! Help her design and arrange flowers and she will reward you with some items and a sticker. This activity runs through February 28th.

Head on over here to help!

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Some of the new items in Peent’s shop are not as obvious since there are some older previously unreleased recolors in there, so I’ll list all the new items here:

New in Peent’s shop
Blush Pink Twin Hearts Wig
Lavender Twin Hearts Wig
Sweetmint Twin Hearts Wig
Lovekissed Cape
Soft Clouds Background
Doily Heart
Blush Pink Eyelashes
Lavender Eyelashes
Sweetmint Eyelashes
Pink Heart Freckles
White Heart Freckles
Gold Heart Freckles
Romantic Evening
Verdant Retreat Background
Peachy Bashful Blush
Pink Streak Loose Braid Wig*
Verdant Breeze Wig*
Verdant Neck Bow*
Verdant Tail Bow*
Teal Ruff*
Teal Flutter Wings*

*these are the older previously unreleased recolors

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Oh my goodness the items are so cute. :3
Posted Feb 14
Season of Connections Reminders

Today is the last day to get raffle tickets for the sprout and semi-custom raffle and also the last day to send cards! <3

Peent de Amor and Ivy’s flowershop run though the 28th.

Posted Feb 21
Congratulations to Crow, snafflewyrm, silentfox, Lord, Vely, Masshiro, polygone, & Riaa! We pulled a staff ticket which is why an extra was drawn. I’ll reach out to you all shortly!
Posted Feb 22
Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I’m excited :) Congrats to all the winners!
Posted Feb 22
Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see all these flowers and customs, they’re gorgeous each and every year!
Posted Feb 22
Congrats everyone! I’m excited to see baby season!!
Posted Feb 22
Season of Connections Reminders

Peent de Amor and Ivy’s Flowershop end today at 23:59!

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