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[EVENT] Cave Files: Case of the Stolen Sun (Jan 30th - Feb 13th)
Cavern Noir
One of the largest settlements in the known Cave, Cavern Noir is about as close to a modern city as most Mycenians will ever experience. It runs off of a carefully constructed grid of magic, and boasts bustling streets, glowing streetlights, and tall buildings. A large crystal hangs from the ceiling above, which produces light and warmth in a similar cycle to the Outside’s sun.
The Incident

It’s late in the night, and most of the city is asleep. There is a low rumble—nothing stirs—followed by a loud, echoing CRASH. A few lights turn on and some curious faces peer out from their windows. When all appears well enough to their groggy eyes, they slowly retreat, one by one, back to the warmth of their beds.

The next morning, dawn never comes.

The city is suspended in a gloomy twilight, dimly lit by streetlights and signs. Mycenians of all coats and shades awaken to find the very color drained from their world—what was once a vibrant rainbow of a city is now a shadowy, moody monochrome, all shades of grey and black and white. Far above, where the sun-crystal once shone, sits an empty crater.

The sun has gone missing—and it’s all anyone can talk about.

Somewhere within Cavern Noir’s tangle of buildings, a familiar ineki paces in her office. She’s called this city home for many years now, and the fact that somebody would steal its very heart... Well, she simply won’t stand for it. There’s a mystery to be solved, and a sun to return to its rightful place. But, Aliza figures, she should probably call for a bit of help.


The letter arrives swiftly, carried by magic rather than messenger:

Meet me at my office in Cavern Noir, ASAP. Need your help with a case.

- Detective Aliza Montaigne

Event Information
  • This event will begin at 12:00 ST on January 30th and run through February 13th.
  • This event is similar to one of our oldest events, The Case of the Lost Necklace, way back in 2014. Your goal is to help Aliza solve the mystery of who stole her cavern’s sun over the course of several days.
    • One event step will be made available per day (at 12:00 noon ST) until the conclusion is reached.
    • Players may play the event at their own pace, with plenty of time to complete all of the steps before the event concludes.
  • Prizes will be awarded upon completion of the event. After the event’s conclusion has been made available, players will also be able to purchase extra prize items for gems.
  • Due to the nature of this event, we ask that all players be mindful of spoilers. You are welcome to collaborate on the solutions and discuss amongst yourselves, but please remember that not everybody is necessarily on the same step as you.
  • As always, if you have any questions or encounter any issues, please let us know!
Posted Jan 28, edited Jan 30

Meheheheheh! Excited to see where this one goes.

Fingersnaps some applause.

Posted Jan 28


I love Aliza and her mysteries so much <3 this is gonna be awesome!

Posted Jan 28
Ahh I love noir mysteries!
Posted Jan 28
This looks like a lot of fun! I can’t wait!!
Posted Jan 28
I’ve missed the last few events, so I’m happy that another one came up so soon!
Posted Jan 29
This is gonna be so cool! :D Can’t wait!
Posted Jan 29
*puts on detective cap*
Posted Jan 29
The last event with Aliza was my first event here and I remember having lots of fun with it, so I’m really looking forward to this one!
Posted Jan 29
Ooh! Can’t wait for this one to start! I remember loving the lost necklace case.
Posted Jan 29



Hey you!

I need your help with this case, ASAP. Head on over to my office and let’s get to work— this crime isn’t going to solve itself!

The Case of the Stolen Sun event has now begun!
Posted Jan 30

First post has been updated to clarify that new steps will be made available daily at 12:00 noon ST.
Apologies for that oversight in the original announcement. Happy investigating!

Posted Jan 30
Thanks for the update Crow I was looking for Day’s 2 clues..  Looks like a ‘soon, but not yet’ scenario.
Posted Jan 31
*adjusts detective hat* Woohoo!
Posted Feb 1

man, i’ve gone over everything for hours and i legitimately am at a loss as to whodunnit. looking over notes (others’ and ones i’ve taken), the evidence, the interviews (including ones from others to make sure i have everything), and just… everything, it’s impossible to properly reach a conclusion right now. my head is spinning rofl. ;;

is there anything that i may have possibly missed? any hints at all?

Posted Feb 2


You can think of it as a case of removing the impossible and then whatever remains, however improbable, etc. etc. 

More spoilery hint:

What if you don’t want to accuse anyone?

Posted Feb 2
Crikey, I feel the same way… at the moment I’m stumped! =p I’ll go over my notes yet again, but I’m beginning to fear I’ll come up completely emptyhanded for this event.
Posted Feb 2


Never fear, it’s a little tricky but I’m sure we can all get it eventually.  Echo me if you want some more hints?  I don’t know if I should be too obvious on the first day of the puzzle. 

Posted Feb 2
The event shop is now open, for those who would like to purchase extra prize items!

You can find it here! The shop will close after February 13th, when the event concludes.

Posted Feb 2


Thankyou for the hint, I found it super useful!

Posted Feb 2


You’re very welcome, I’m glad I could help!

Posted Feb 2
Dawning  please send me an echo with a hint?  I’m twisted in knots and afraid I’ll mess it up completely at this point xD
Posted Feb 3

Here’s my own hint to anyone struggling!

There are no consequences to hitting J’Accuse, you can submit an answer as many times as you like!

I’m not sure if it needs to be under a spoiler, but I put it there just in case

Posted Feb 3, edited Feb 3
Dawning VERY much appreciate the extra help and hint!  <3 this has been a fun event overall =)
Posted Feb 3
I (accidentally) solved the case asdfhjklas so if anyone needs help, I can offer hints or whatever you need! Just send me an echo! ^_^
Posted Feb 3
Today is the last day of the event!

Hurry and solve the case if you haven’t already done so—the event ends at noon today! :D The shop for buying extra prizes closes tonight at 23:59.

Posted Feb 13, edited Feb 13
(added some clarification about the timing—the event is ending at noon, though the prize shop stays open until the end of the day)
Posted Feb 13
If anyone has a hint I would love one, I have managed to get all 4 of the how could you accuse me…I know I am overlooking something silly probably.
Posted Feb 13
Airadea Nyf posted the solution here!
Posted Feb 13
Askdgfrgh. I forgot things ended at noon most of the time, and was going to try to finish this afternoon when I had time because having inventory at work screwed me this past week. Oh well. *sighs wistfully* Glad for the people that finished it. Outside of the shop is there any sort of ‘well I tried’ sticker for doing stuff at least, out of curiosity?
Posted Feb 13