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[Marketplace Updates] Support for Buying/Selling Pets
Marketplace Updates

“You’re in a more bountiful place than before, if you have any memories of that. The memories might not be there, they may come and go only in your dreams, or you may have trouble loosening yourself from the grips of those times before the Cave.”

Those were some of the first words you remember Mont saying to you when you arrived in Ledore’s, still shaken from your awakening, still confused and dirty from your journey with Tamshir. You weren’t sure what he meant by memories. You weren’t sure about anything.

It’s hard to start over with nothing: no connections, no home, no family and in such a strange, magical place. You felt off-balance and afloat for a long time, like an important part of you went missing, and you heavily rely on Mont and the other occupants of Ledore’s to find footing and rediscover what it meant to live, to form connections.

It’s when you’re finally blossoming into something when Mont approaches you one day, his eyes soft.

“When you’re ready, you can go wherever you want. Tamshir here will help you get to where you want to be and the residents in that area help you make it into a home. Everyone dreams of finding their ideal place in this world— and that’s something that not only looks different to each individual, but may change fundamentally over time.”

Mont must read the excitement in your eyes, because he smiles and continues, “There are a lot of opportunities out there and support in place to get you started. After all, we all start with nothing when we arrive. Many places and jobs will offer large incentives with few strings attached for newcomers or those looking to change things up. Are you ready to start your next journey?”

Update Information

Pets can now relocate through the Marketplace! Here are a few additional details about the mechanics:

  • Potentially invisible pet properties (drifted / gloomed / genesses / etc.) are displayed when viewing the pet in the Marketplace
  • Listed pets can be previewed in the Puddle via the Marketplace
  • There are several ways to filter and sort pets
  • Results are currently not paginated, and we’ll add this if necessary
  • Like items, players can list pets for nuggets or gems
  • Unlike items and gems, pets stay on your profile until sold
  • There are a few restrictions on pets listed in the Marketplace. A listed pet:
    • Cannot eat or transform
    • Cannot join genesses or kinnens
    • Cannot adventure
  • Any items equipped to the listed pet are unequipped upon sale
  • Your market history will include information about the pet’s coat at time of sale


Posted Jan 24

Woohoo! Exciting to finally release that. It’s been the culmination of quite a bit of work on our end :)

Edit: we’re aware that display is a little iffy on Mobile or in narrow windows — we’ll get that updated soon

Posted Jan 24, edited Jan 24

WHAT woahhh

Question - can the user selling the pet be displayed in the popup window?

Posted Jan 24
Cool. Is a neat new feature. :o
Posted Jan 24


oh my goodness I’m so excited about this I can’t wait to window shop for pets without stumbling through the forums. and I’m so crazy grateful that stuff like being genessed is very prominently displayed. thank you guys SO much this is such a huge quality of life update ;;0;;

Posted Jan 24

OH I’M CHUFFED TO BITS ABOUT THIS thank you glitch!!!

Love the flavor text ouo

Also seconding the request to see who’s selling a pet in the popup window, but for my .3 seconds of peeking it looks really good so far!

edit: It’d be neat if you had the option to see which pets in the marketplace for sale were yours, instead of just hiding them, though I understand why that’s a thing to avoid confusion!

edit again: for anyone interested, the max price is 2,147,483,647

edit a third time: I would love the ability to set a nugget AND gem price for items/Mycenians at the same time - ie if you’d take 10k nuggets OR 3 gems for an item, instead of just having to pick one or the other!

Posted Jan 24, edited Jan 24
Oooh this is a really neat feature. Thanks! :D
Posted Jan 24

Thanks for clearly labelling the “invisible” information! I’ve offered on some coats before to only after click into it and see it’s in a geness and then had to stumble through the apologies of withdrawing my offer haha. It’s just one of those things people often forget about (both buyers and sellers) so really useful to see it made nice and clear by default!

Also thank you for splitting up the dropdown menu into sections I often got a bit flustered on where exactly I had to go to sell… So that QoL change is very appreciated by me. ;v;

Posted Jan 24, edited Jan 24

Love the new feature! Been waiting for this for a long time and I’m very excited to see it now.

- Filter by coat takes me to a broken page, completely white screen, no matter what coat I filter by
- I cannot see my own Mycenians listed for sale amongst the others, but I would like to in order to see them alongside others of the same coat/compare prices and details of mine right alongside those already on the market
- The Sell page is missing a word: “Mycenians cannot consume any items or perform any rituals while they are listed for sale.”

I see that we can update the price of a Mycenian without removing them from sale and relisting. Is there a failsafe in place to prevent people from buying a differently priced Mycenian? For example, I open the market search, tab out for two hours, come back to buy a listing for 30k nuggets, but the price has been changed to 50k—will I be prompted to refresh the page, or will I purchase at the new price of 50k?

Posted Jan 24, edited Jan 24

Thanks for the report Vely! I’ve fixed #1and #3 since they’re clearly bugs, and we’ve put #2 along with the other suggestions into things to consider :)

And yes, there is a failsafe. When you effect a purchase, it’s for the specific sale and price. If the price when you buy it is not equal to the price on the button, then the purchase will fail with a message telling you that the price has changed.

Posted Jan 24


Fantastic, thank you!

Posted Jan 24
Oh this is so neat! I can’t wait to use this!
Posted Jan 24
Posted Jan 24
Perfect timing!  I’ve been getting my Mycena affairs in order and wanted to try getting some of the old monthlies I missed.  This will make that much easier.
Posted Jan 24
Super useful!
Posted Jan 25, edited Jan 25
This streamlines selling and saves on posting! I’m hoping to see some nuggets flowing a bit easier. Personally this is a big help for saving for new seasonals. Also window shopping for customs and sprouts is fun c: 
Posted Jan 25, edited Jan 25