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June News Discussion
June has arrived!

June’s OotS is the Playful Dolphin, along with their Drifty Fish Kite and Beach Day Background! This month’s coat and items were created by priz. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

The Seasons They Are A-Changin’

Summer is just around the corner! June 20th marks the Summer Solstice, which means Bruc is making preparations to shift over his stock to a more seasonally appropriate variety. Our Spring Seasonal favorites will say goodbye until next year, making way for Summer Seasonals new and old!

Bye, gurl, byeeee.

Suntime Funtime

For some reason, it seems like Halloween and Valentine’s Day get all the attention. One local man… cat…? Is looking to change that. After putting in all the proper permits and preparing a whole slew of summer-themed stock, Chadwick is making final preparations to open his Summer Snack Shack! This seasonal shop will be open from June 20th through June 27th, and will carry a variety of warm recolors and a handful of new treats for Mycenians of all shapes and sizes to enjoy!


Creative Collective

May’s monthly roundup has been posted and all stickers and prizes have been distributed!

In celebration of Pride Month, the Creative Collective has taken on some appropriately themed prompts. In addition to the usual participation prizes of Golden Tickets (and stickers), all players who participate in at least one of this month’s Creative Circles will receive a special prize - a Rainbow Kerchief!

Wear it with pride! Or for Pride! Or both!


Our monthly Productivi-Day will be held on Monday, June 15th! We look forward to spending the day productive-ing with you all!

Show Your Pride!

In celebration of Pride Month, we’ve added a whole spectrum of rainbow items to the marketplace! These items will be a permanent addition to the shops so that you can show off your colors all year round!

Ongoing Activities

Our Profile Drive activity is coming to an end after tomorrow, June 2nd. We’ve truly enjoyed seeing all the attention you’ve been giving your characters throughout this, and look forward to seeing them continue to grow and develop!

The Bin-GO RP! activity is currently still ongoing, and will come to an end after June 30th! There’s still ample time to RP for some nice prizes!

New Items & Toggleability Updates

Another player donation was added to the shops! Additionally, the Bag of Wonders appears to be hiding a new piece of equipment!

Additionally, Myla has been working on updating older items with more toggle options! If there’s an item you’ve always hoped would become toggleable, check out this thread to see if it’s already been added to the worklist. If not, feel free to suggest it!

Small Adventure Update

glitch has made a small update to the Adventure System based on player feedback! You can check out the details of this update in this post!

Behind the Veil

A few brief updates on behind the scenes work:

  • glitch has continued to work on a list of feedback-based changes. As a part of that, he was able to make some updates to the Adventure System interface last month in addition to his usual tasks. This month, he’ll be helping us put together the solstice shop, making custom search parameters linkable, and prioritizing the artist interface changes to make collaboration easier for artists.
  • The art team has continued to discuss and develop their plans—we didn’t reach the point of being able to release artist applications last month, but we’re much closer to being able to do that and expect to release it this month.
  • We made headway on the rules refresh and are hoping to finish up that process this month.
  • We are currently working on the summer event, which is slated for July! Hope you all like sand!

A note from Myla: Things in my home state and other places around the US have started to open back up, though covid continues to have a large impact on our lives and remains at the forefront of our worries. I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy, both physically and mentally. <3

The civil unrest growing and occurring alongside it is a lot to process. It’s a scary time, especially for people who are historically targeted over and over again. It’s critical to listen to and stand with our Black community now and forever, and to unite and stand for inclusion. Black Lives Matter. We are working on a way to encourage support, and will hopefully have that up shortly. In the meantime, if you’re wondering how to get involved, there is a good list of resources here.

You’re Invited!

To Mycena Cave’s upcoming birthday celebration! :D We’re turning seven years old this month, and as usual, will be celebrating with some small festivities. June 21st is the day, so be sure to get your party hats ready!

*party horn sound*

Posted Jun 1

I’ve got to say I teared up a little upon seeing this particular rainbow. As a black person I’m extremely glad to see the black and brown bands included on this. I’ve unfortunately been on pet sites that have gone out of their way to exclude me and discredit my experiences as both a queer and black person, so I’m very happy to see people like me are welcome here. It goes without saying I absolutely love the other pride rainbows as well.

Thank you for running such an inclusive site and community.

Posted Jun 1

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy pride month!!!!!!  8)  very very hype about the kerchief being a creative collective prize.

can’t wait to see the new seasonal and chadwick’s store??? and mycena’s birthday and the next EVENT and everything!!!!!!!! golly I love june!!

edit because I FORGOT: I’m also really excited to see what y’all have in mind in terms of supporting BLM and everything going on rn.  will it be another charity coat? :0

Posted Jun 1, edited Jun 1
Some of the icons for the pride rainbows seem really low quality and pixelated compared to the others, namely intersex and demisexual. Would it be possible to get them smoothed out some?
Posted Jun 1

Always glad to see pride month goodies >:D
Can’t WAIT to see what Chadwick has in store for us (it had better be jorts)!
Also really glad to see staff will be doing something in support of BLM, hopefully it’ll be another charity coat!
By the way, thank you all for your hard work and for helping to keep us entertained during Everything Going On. <3

Posted Jun 1, edited Jun 1

YOOO SUMMER ITEMS 8D Been hoping for more of those for a long time!

Happy Pride month, happy summer (for the N hemisphere at least), and I’m so excite for everything y’all have planned <3

Posted Jun 1

oh psst I know someone who isn’t excited for the summer event

Posted Jun 1

I’m glad you like the updates and are excited for what’s in store! <3

Rainbow icons have been fixed and are much shinier now!

Posted Jun 1
The rainbows are so great! And I’m so excited for the future events!
Posted Jun 1


Posted Jun 2
Happy Pride Month everybody~!
Posted Jun 2

Looking through the available rainbow items, I’m loving the inclusion of some flags that aren’t always included on other websites! Thank you! ♥

I did notice, though, that there is a ROYGBIV rainbow item that is on site but not included on the mycena marketplace. I was wondering if it could potentially be rereleased as part of the rainbow set that is meant to be permanent on the mycena marketplace? Or if a ROYGBIV rainbow background item could be looked into for the future? It seems like it would make for a nice layering item for users or pets who could use a rainbow, but who aren’t necessarily a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

I’m not familiar with the history of the item, and it is lacking a description, so forgive me if this was an event item or a OOTS item that shouldn’t be re-released.

Thanks y’all again for the addition of more permanent rainbows to the LGBTQ+ line of items! ♥

Posted Jun 2

....basks in the beach aesethetic ^=^  June is birthday month, and what better way to celebrate?  I think I shall have a few of the ‘beaches’ =D

Stay safe out there everybody c;

Posted Jun 2

That rainbow was actually an event item from the Mycena Deck community event a couple years back, and the Pride rainbows are recolours of that!

Posted Jun 2
Oh hey, that’s good to know!! Thank you so much Hya!!
Posted Jun 2
Misc. Images Update

Updated with events/activities The Stoneskin Outbreak, Moocena Cave, and Rein of the North Wind. The newest backgrounds were also added!

Posted Jun 9

The pet lineart section got a much needed revamp. Lineart is updated with most current versions, as well as expanded options and flower images!

Posted Jun 10
Omg yessss!!!! Thank you so much!!!! :DDD
Posted Jun 10
New Market Items

Teensy Stars donated by Oxton, made by Myla

Thank you for the donation <3!

And two more pride items:

Abrosexual Pride Rainbow, and Abrosexual Pride avatar background!

Posted Jun 17