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December News Discussion
December is here!

December’s OotS is the Oni One for You, along with their Oni Mask and Onigiri! This month’s coat and items were created by King. You may purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

The Creative Collective

November’s Creative Collective has drawn to a close! Thank you to everyone who posted a submission, engaged in a roleplay, or offered some feedback this past month. The raffle has been drawn and a new prompt has been posted!

There has also been a new addition to the Bag of Wonders! If you’re lucky, you may reach inside and find a Health Potion of your very own!

Event Banner Restoration Feature

It is now possible to choose which banner you see while browsing Mycena Cave! You can select your favorite from all of our previous event banners by visiting the Community Settings page and scrolling down to the bottom, under “Set a custom banner.” We hope that you enjoy this new feature!

Sorcery Spelltacular Wrap-up

Our Sorcery Spelltacular event has drawn to a close! We hope that you enjoyed our autumn event, and appreciate that so many of you took the time to provide feedback in our survey! As much as they enjoyed their time with you, Bruc and Jessamyn have now returned to their daily routines of manning their respective shops.

Jessamyn: You guys are the best! You can be our assistants anytime!
Bruc: … [flat stare]

Adventure System Update

With several months of hard work behind us, the closed beta of our new Adventure System is beginning to wind down! A ton of exciting progress has been made, and there’s still more to do before open beta can begin, but the wheels are turning and everything is coming along nicely!

If you would like to learn more about these updates and take a gander at what glitch, Myla, and our beta testers have been working so diligently on, you can check out this thread!

Mycena Cave Secret Santa

Our annual Secret Santa activity is gearing up to begin! Spread a little holiday cheer and maybe make a new friend in the process. Today (December 1st) is your last chance to sign up, with Santas and Santa-ees being paired up at some point during the day tomorrow (December 2nd).

For important dates and information on how to get involved in the festivities, you can check out this thread.

Last Chance for Fall!

The Winter Solstice lands on December 21st this year, which means that Bruc will be stashing away his current stock in favor of some fresh winter wares! Be certain to snap up a Flederhund or any of our other fall favorites before they cycle out for the season.

It’s getting much too cold for us to stay!

Posted 12/01/18

aaahh i adore this months set ;.;
the design and colors of the coat are beautifully cohesive. the onigiri is also super adorable and i need 50 to build my own army of little angry rice balls and conquer the unsuspecting universe mWaHaHAHAHAHA

Posted 12/01/18
Is there any more news on the recolour shop? It was announced as being “soon” in last year’s December news update, so I was just curious as to if anything more had happened there.
Posted 12/07/18
Hyasynthetic We have enough items for the release, and so we’ll be lumping the stocking mechanic in with the marketplace updates (it’ll be easier for glitch to do everything at once)! We’re moving onto marketplace updates after we’re mostly finished with the adventuring system which hopefully won’t be too much longer. :D
Posted 12/07/18
Myla Thank you! It’s good to hear its still in the pipeline after the behemoth the adventuring system turned out to be.
Posted 12/07/18
Whooh, just wanted to add an extra thanks for the information, Myla! It’s definitely nice having some idea of when it’ll be released. *makes grabby hands at the items*
Posted 12/07/18
That’s good news. I am happy to have a kind of timeline, more than just “soon”. *u* I’m very excited for the recolor shop. Almost as excited as I am for the Adventure system. 8D
Posted 12/07/18