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August News Discussion
August is here!

This month we welcome the dapper Tuxedo, along with their Lacy Parasol and Fancy Collar. This coat and items were created by Hush! You can purchase all three in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

The Creative Collective

July’s Creative Collective has drawn to a close! Thank you to everyone who posted a submission, engaged in a roleplay, or offered some feedback this past month. The raffle has been drawn and new prompts are up!

Additionally, this month marks one year since we began running the Scribe Circle! To celebrate, we are doubling the prizes for this month — so get those creative juices flowing for an increased chance to win yourself something shiny!

Beta Testing Progress Report

The first round of worldbuilders have been working hard to learn the interface and create their first adventures. Most of these test adventures have now been completed, and feedback on the process has been collected and is being looked over. We expect to invite our first round of adventurers to beta test soon!

More information, as well as the applications to be a beta tester for this new feature can be found here. These applications will remain open throughout the beta process.

You can also continue to find beta testing updates on the Adventures Beta News page.

New Items

Equippable versions of the mushrooms introduced during our Meet the Mushrooms activity have found their way into Fungimental Magic. There’s a mushroom for everyone in this set, so be sure to check them out! 

Summer Event

Our summer event, Search for the Fallen Stars, is set to begin on August 3rd! Help Lightyear save Twilight Nook’s tourism industry by finding all of the sky’s missing stars and putting them back where they belong! You can find out more about the event in this announcement post!

”You’re my only hope!”

Posted 08/01/18, edited 08/01/18

Tuxedo cat is my favorite and I’m die. I’ve been wanting to get a custom that looks pretty much just like that but now I can switch to a different custom and just :screm:. <3

\also flails at Lightyear being cute and also SPACE

Posted 08/02/18
Pricing Guide Updates

The pricing guide is now current on some of the standard template edits we offer! The biggest changes were to the limb section—new standard edits were added and clearer examples were added. Here’s a breakdown of the changes:


  • The “floppy ear” standard edit was added to the upright/active dras as a 0 PP edit.


  • Standard active dras down foot added as a 2 PP edit (it used to have to be originally drawn each time as a 4 PP edit—it was being requested pretty frequently so we made a template version).
  • Standard fox feet on the kelph for 3 PP (it used to be an originally drawn edit for 6 PP but was also being requested frequently).
  • Added in a higher tier category with a couple of examples (before we only had examples to 6 PP which made it harder to consistently price hefty limb/foot edits).
  • In general, examples for each category were updated since we have a lot more limb edits out there now!

Edit Limitations:

  • Added in that full face repositions are not allowed—this has always been the case but it wasn’t clearly communicated anywhere before.
Posted 08/16/18, edited 08/16/18
YAY Thank you Myla these are good changes ovo
Posted 08/17/18
I agree with Purr, these are great Myla!!!  Clearly laid out, with good visual examples c= 
Posted 08/17/18
Search for the Fallen Stars updated in Misc. Images

Some credit highlights:
Banner by King and Eluii
Constellation challenge cards by priz
Slider puzzle by Hush
Pegboard star chart by Crow
Fallen star, dangerous plants, constellation guessing game art, cave in art by me

If I’m missing any Fallen Stars art you’d like to see there, or you’re wondering about other artist credits, reach out to me here (please ping me) or in an echo!

Posted 08/24/18, edited 08/24/18