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January News Discussion
Welcome to January!

This month’s OotS coat is Eluii’s beautiful Kittea, which is now available for purchase along with its Cat’s Cradle and Flowering Tea. This set is available in the Out of the Shadows shop until the end of the day on January 31st, so if you intend to add one to your collection, be sure to pick it up before then!

The Mycenaissance

January marks our first player-submitted prompt, as well as our first non-staff guest judge! Tsaiah will be joining us for Mycenaissance this month as we run their prompt entitled “The Things We Don’t Say.” We encourage anyone who isn’t already familiar with Mycenaissance to check it out and participate for the chance to win gems and Cave Capsules!

Additionally, December’s prompts have now been commented on, and the spotlight chosen. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Winter has Arrived

Bruc has once again rotated out his stock at Fungimental Magic! His winter seasonal mushrooms are now available for purchase, including the Frazil and White Wind as well as an all new coat: the Polaris Bear! This year’s seasonal was created by Chou and Hush.

New Month, New Raffle

We had a mini raffle in December, which awarded a number of low-stakes prizes!

Going forward, we will continue to have our “grand prize” raffles once every 2-3 months, but will be filling the spaces in between by drawing a lower-stakes raffle every month. These will typically occur around the middle of the month, and will offer prizes such as Changingshrooms, Cave Capsules, and gems!

Keep an eye out for January’s raffle, which should occur somewhere around the 15th!

Secret Santa

At this point, all Secret Santa participants should have received their gift from their Santa. If you have not received a gift from your Santa yet, please be sure to mark your Santa as a flake so that staff can investigate.

We hope that everyone enjoyed our third annual Secret Santa activity, and we hope that you all had very happy holidays! :)

Watching for the Snow…

It’s a long-held Mycenian tradition to gather as a community and celebrate the first flakes of snow to drift into the Caves from the outside. There is a small hole in the cavern ceiling, high above the Sacred Tree. As we settle into the colder months, the annual Winter Watch has begun — eager eyes trained on the sky, waiting for the first white flakes to glide down so that the festivities can begin.

There are reports that the first snow might finally arrive sometime around the middle of this month. Weather prediction is far from an exact science, however, so expect an updated forecast in a couple of weeks!

Posted 01/01/17
That kittea is so unbearably cute. <3 <3 <3
Posted 01/01/17

*takes a nice sip of the new monthly*

ouo b

Posted 01/01/17



Posted 01/02/17

And here I was, excited to finally have some money saved up on this site!

Now I have to save up to afford the winter and the monthly ;-; Goodbye money

Posted 01/02/17
Ooo my goodness goodness I really don’t have enough. Not even close to the amount I would have to pay… It’s going to take up a lot of time and what else could I really do around here to earn so many nuggets?
Posted 01/05/17
Hi everyone! We’ve just pushed a few small updates to our BBCode library :)
Code tags no longer interpret forum mentions

BBCode is not interpreted inside code tags, which makes it a useful tool to help people with BBCode. Previously, forum mentions would still be interpreted inside code tags. Now they are not:

Pinging in quotes

You can now ping someone in a quote, by adding an “@” prefix to the name. As before, quotes don’t ping the person being quoted by default:

[quote=glitch]I [b]will not[/b] be notified of this quote[/quote]
I will not be notified of this quoteglitch

But if you want to ping the person you’re quoting, add an “@” in front of the username:

[quote=@glitch]I [b]will[/b] be notified of this quote[/quote]
I will be notified of this quoteglitch
Lazy loading of images in spoilers

Previously, images in spoilers would load even if you didn’t expand the spoiler, which causes you to potentially waste a lot of data (particularly painful on mobile) and slow down pageloads significantly. Now, images in spoilers will only load when you expand the spoiler.

Spoilers work in previews now

Not much else to say about that. Spoilers used to not expand in post previews, but they do now.

Posted 01/09/17, edited 01/09/17
Spoilers work in previews now? o-o Finally! OH GLORIOUS DAY. Thanks coders! ^-^
Posted 01/09/17
spoilers work in previews nowglitch

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of me dying of happiness

Posted 01/10/17, edited 01/10/17
In other news, we have a very much revamped BBCode Guide (to replace the old forum post we’ve been making do with for so long). See the new version here! :)
Posted 01/11/17