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[UPDATE] The Fungus of Youth
The Fungus of Youth
Products of state-of-the-art cave exploration coming to a mushroom shop near you!


A little while ago during his explorations, Kerric stumbled across a cavern with some unusual mushrooms growing in it. He brought a few of them over to Bruc, hoping that his expertise with mushrooms would help in identifying whether they were safe. Around the same time, some of you may have noticed a few Mycenians appearing strangely youthful...

After a lot of experimentation, Bruc has certified that the mushrooms are safe to eat, and has added them to his stock of strange and wonderful fungi, over at his Fungimental Magic shop!

Bruc is excited to announce that the Immatureshroom and Bloomshroom are available to any and all! As their names imply, these special mushrooms allow an adult Mycenian to revert to their baby or flower stages respectively. That is, of course, assuming these stages exist… Mycenians whose form has only ever seen adulthood will refuse to eat them for fear of disappearing entirely. When eaten, both of these mushrooms melt the age right off of an adult Mycenian, reverting them to a baby (in the case of the Immatureshroom) or even all the way back to a flower (in the case of the Bloomshroom)! But beware, these mushrooms aren’t merely parlor tricks: like any other little sprout, their eaters will need time to grow back up again.

Some important notes:

  • Mycenians who are currently in a geness will refuse to eat either mushroom, so as not to shirk their committments.
  • Essence of Love ineki are more than happy to eat these mushrooms.
  • Like all other magical foodstuffs in Mycena Cave, these mushrooms can only be consumed by adults. As such, a baby must first reach adulthood before it can return to its roots as a flower.
  • Mycenians who eat these mushrooms are brought to the earliest moments of the life-stage they enter. They will need to wait the full term to grow again.
  • In his experimentation, Bruc found that Pondshroom effects disappear in baby and flower stages, but magically return as soon as a Mycenian regains adulthood. He spent a long time pondering why this might be.
  • Bruc also found that a drifted Mycenian retains the ability to drift in its baby and flower stages… a huege discovery!

We know that several of you have been excited to see these items released, and we hope that you enjoy them! As always, if you have any questions or notice any sneaky issues that we may have missed, please don’t hesitate to let us know! :)

Posted 09/30/16, edited 09/30/16
Posted 09/30/16


-makes incoheret sounds of wailing and happy screaming-

Posted 09/30/16
Hooray! :D Does this include Essence of Love ineki that were created with a Changingshroom? Because they kind of classify as never having been a baby, but the rest of them were. (My pink one falls into that category)
Posted 09/30/16
Pirran yep!
Posted 09/30/16
glitch So that means I can take a sproot, wait for it to grow up. Break it from the original family. Be adopted (note as a child of not as a partner) by another family. Then feed it an immature shroom to make it a baby again right?
Posted 09/30/16, edited 09/30/16
Thank you! So glad to have my baby back <3. Perfect timing too, I really like Milu’s baby form so I was going to wait until these were released before seeing the adult form.
Posted 09/30/16
This is exciting! I can make Shaela an eyeball flower if I want. That is tempting…
Posted 09/30/16

“Bruc also found that a drifted Mycenian retains the ability to drift in its baby and flower stages… a huege discovery!”

drifty babies!!!! drifty flowers!!!! im excited!!

Posted 09/30/16
omg finally yay~
Posted 09/30/16
Malis I don’t see why not!
Posted 09/30/16

Ooo yay!!! Glad these are finally around

also…. BABY KERRIC… i love his coat so much sobs and this just makes it CUTER

Posted 09/30/16
Oh this is amazing. :) Great update!
Posted 10/01/16



1. Can you drift babies and flowers now, or does the drifting apply only to babies/flowers that were fed shrooms as adults? this was answered before with the whole “only adults eat mushrooms” which is very funny if you are Canadian and me and remember the old PSA:
“Careful baby, some mushrooms are not for raccoons!”

2. On the sprout page, will it show the current form of the coat, or will it always show the adult as long as that form’s been “unlocked”?

Posted 10/01/16, edited 10/01/16
Jacq the sprout page shows the latest stage that currently exists, so the sprout listing will revert to showing the flower and/or baby while the sprout is in one of those stages!
Posted 10/03/16
A leetle late, but great job to Prose and Firkasa for the look into a day in Kerric’s life story. The art is adorable and the writing is fantastic. Poor Kerric though. ;~;
Posted 10/06/16