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June News Discussion
June is here!

Our OotS coat this month is Mystic Sunset, along with their Bioluminescent Speckles and Distant Lightning! This month’s coat and items were made by Myla. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates


A Shift of Seasons

The temperatures are rising and the days are growing longer… Summer must be on its way in! The seasonal wares currently in stock at Fungimental Magic will be making their quarterly changeover on June 21st, so be sure to make any last minute springtime purchases before the weather gets too warm!

Summer Seasonal Shop

Speaking of warm weather - everyone’s favorite beach bum is preparing for his yearly grand opening! Visit Chadwick’s Summer Snack Shack starting on June 21st to get your hands on the summer’s hottest trends - and, of course, those retro summertime classics of yesteryear.

Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! This year, we’ll have a few new releases: as of today, there are Pride Bracelets permanently available in the Marketplace, so head over there to get ahold of one!

We’ll also be working on expanding our Pride selection with a few new flags which we will release as we get them finished up this month; we’ll post in the News thread as those become available!


Can you believe that later this month is Mycena Cave’s 10th anniversary? Holy moly! If the Cave were a person, it would probably have a cell phone by now! Kids these days get cell phones, like, super early now, right? So they stop asking their parents to play games on theirs?

Anyway, we’ll be having some birthday celebrations coming up this month! Keep your party hat and best party tooters at the ready!

Ten cakes seemed like a little much, so we settled for 5 Second Birthday Cakes :)

It’s Coming…

The Drawntlet begins on July 1st! We will release all of the details towards the end of the month - but just as a reminder, there will be no Creative Collective happening in July to make way for this behemoth of an activity! 

Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla: glitch will be working on some upcoming happenings for the 10th birthday, and Myla will be working on the summer and birthday arts!
  • The coordinator team put together the Spring Event and activities, and will now move on to planning for Summer’s events and activities!
  • The art team will be working on summer items, birthday art, and Drawntlet releases!
Posted Jun 1
Happy birthday, MycenaCave! *blows party horn and puts on a party hat* Excited for the birthday celebration! ^_^
Posted Jun 2
New Pride Flags Added

Gay Male Pride, 8 Stripe Pride, Demiromantic Pride, Greysexual Pride, and Greyromatic Pride were added to our collection! You can find them in the Marketplace!

And a big thanks to Nonny for leading the effort on getting more added!

Posted Jun 6
New Pride Item Added

There is a snazzy new Pride bowtie set available in the Marketplace! Thank you to Nonnavlis for expanding our Pride collection! <3

+19 other pride colors to choose from!

Pride Tag Added

A pride tag was added to item search!

Posted Jun 11
New Pride Item Added

And another Pride item has been added, the Held Pride Flag set, again done by Nonnavlis and available in the Marketplace!! :D

+19 other pride colors to choose from!

Posted Jun 12
Ohhhh I love all these Pride goodies!!!!! Thank you Nonny for your work <3
Posted Jun 12
Lol I think it’s cute that the little flags auto layer over the buntato (in active ineki). My little friend is peeking out from behind.
Posted Jun 12, edited Jun 12