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March News Discussion
March marches in!

We introduce our newest OotS coat this month, Emerald Peacock, along with their Spring Silk Robe and Pearl Peacock Tail! This month’s coat and items were made by Chou. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
Sprout Raffle

The sprout raffle was pulled at the end of the day on February 21st! You can see the results here!

Recipe Tag

Recipe-type items now have an official “recipe” tag that can be searched in the item search!

A New Seasonal Springs Forth

Subzero Shark will melt away and a new seasonal mushroom will be released on March 20th!

New BoW Items

The three new user-submitted items from this past summer’s Creative Cartomancy activity have been added to the Bag of Wonders! Try your luck to find the Lunar Lantern designed by Kiwi, Ethereal Explosives designed by polygone, and the Ghost King’s Cape designed by spectralFeather!

Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla: glitch has been working on combinabulator recipe display, and added the recipe tag as the first part of this update. Myla will be working on unique pets and the Spring event this month!
  • The coordinator team wrapped up the Lunar Luck Festival and are shifting focus to the spring event!
  • The art team has been working on shops, tackling queue orders, working on raffle sprouts/semi-customs, and are also focusing on the spring event!
Posted 03/01/23, edited 03/01/23
Hello March news! :3
Posted 03/01/23
Ohhh love the pretty Emerald Peacock and the items <3 Congratz to the Sprout Raffle winners.
Posted 03/02/23
Seasonal mushroom swap happening tonight!

Holy cow, the first day of spring is tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that the seasonal is switching out tonight!! We usually get preview images out before now but it just slipped my mind—I’ll get them out later tonight but the spring seasonal is already uploaded :D

Posted 03/19/23