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[ACTIVITY] A Day in the Life (June 4th - June 19th)

Through any creative means you prefer, we are seeking to take a glimpse into a typical (or even not-so-typical) day in the life of the denizens of Mycena Cave. This piece could focus on either yourself or one of your characters, and does not need to be limited to Cave canon!

Activity Length
  • Starts: June 4th
  • Ends: June 19th, 23:59 ST
Rules & Entry Guidelines
  • Your entry should depict a day in the life of either yourself or one of your characters. The specific style and medium of this piece are left to your imagination—some examples/ideas are:
    • Diary/journal entries
    • Hourly Comic Day-style pieces
    • Photo diaries
    • Step-by-step instructions for your doppelganger
    • Even weirder things than that previous thing!
  • Your piece should either be about yourself or a character that you have a Mycenian representative of. It does not need to adhere to Mycena Cave canon.
  • There is no minimum length or style requirement, but your piece should show a reasonable amount of effort (at least 20-30 or so minutes).
  • Your entry must minimally include the following sections/insights:
    • Morning/beginning of day
    • Afternoon/middle of day
    • Night/end of day
  • Each player may create up to two pieces for this activity.
  • All entries should be posted in the submission thread.

The participation prizes for this activity are Cozy Corner and Leaf Umbrella. You will earn both items for each entry (up to two per player). All participants will also receive a sticker.

Activity Links
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Ooo, the arts, sounds fun!
Posted 06/04/22
Oooh, I have some neat ideas for this!!
Posted 06/04/22
Step-by-step instructions for your doppelganger

oh my god

Posted 06/04/22