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On your travels through the Cave, you’re sure to come across many villages, towns, and even cities. And if you venture far enough, maybe you’ll chance upon ours - a town perched comfortably on the edge of a freshwater lagoon and bordered on all sides by buttonbush swamp - it goes by the name of Ilmoor.

At the south-eastern edge of this town, built so far from the last row of houses that most of the townsfolk don’t even consider it part of the settlement, is a tall, crooked house.

It’s immediately obvious that magic plays a large part in holding the dwelling together. It’s three stories tall with a narrow turret jutting out of the third floor; it’s haphazardly build and definitely not the quality of work that any half-decent carpenter would take credit for. The whole house is painted rust-red with white trim and shutters, although the paint is old and flaking, revealing the faded wood beneath. There is a wrought-iron fence surrounding the yard, which is clearly being tended to by someone - the grass is green and trim, and there are no weeds in the flower beds.

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