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[CHARITY] Coats for a Cause - Direct Relief, Ukraine Aid
Coats for a Cause
Direct Relief

The charity we’ve chosen to support through the sale of this coat is Direct Relief. While they provide aid in response to many causes and crises all over the world, we will specifically be donating towards their Ukraine Relief which focuses on providing humanitarian relief in the form of medical aid to people affected by the conflict. We chose this organization largely due to its vision, transparency, and the fact that we are able to put our funds toward the Ukraine humanitarian crisis specifically. Direct Relief is a top-rated charity and is very transparent about where donations go. You can learn more about how they are responding to the Ukraine crisis here.

100% of the proceeds made from the sale of the Wheat and Sky coat, created by Plasma and Rhyme, will be donated to this organization.

The Wheat and Sky coat will be sold for $15.76 for the next three months, ending on 23:59 June 16th 2022. At the end of this period, all proceeds from the sale of this coat will be donated to Direct Relief, and a mushroom for the coat will be placed permanently in Fungimental Magic where it will be able to be purchased for 54,000 nuggets.

The reason for this somewhat unusual price is in order to cover payment processor transaction fees. When we charge $15.76, our payment processor takes $0.76, and we receive $15.00. That way, each of these purchases will result in raising $15 for charity. Mycena Cave is covering the cost of the coat creation and is not deducting it from the proceeds.

For those of you filing US taxes this year, please note that this does not qualify as a tax-deductible charity donation: among other restrictions, tax-deductible charity donations require that you not receive anything in return for your donation, and since you will be receiving a Wheat and Sky Mycenian, this will not qualify. If you would like to make a tax-deductible charity donation to Direct Relief, please donate to them directly here.

Posted Mar 17, edited Mar 17
Oh wow, beautiful coat for a great cause!
Posted Mar 17

Love the coat and the cause :D

Will a link be added in the shop dropdown for these?

Posted Mar 17
Purr You’re so quick - glitch just added it! 8)
Posted Mar 17
Ehehe >:D Thank you Glitch and Cien!
Posted Mar 17
definitely getting!
Posted Mar 17
I can’t wait until I have the disposable income to get a couple of these! I just started a new job, so this will be a perfect outlet for me wanting to donate anyway once I got settled. The coat is lovely!
Posted Mar 17
This is fantastic! Just bought one, what a gorgeous coat for a great cause! <3
Posted Mar 17

A great coat for a great cause!
I noticed the markings were modified from one of the site artists carve a companion entries! I’m really happy that idea got utilised, I was personally rooting for it to win, but it looks even better with a modified colour scheme and the sunflower is such a cute touch!!!

Posted Mar 18

So happy you provide for us and you support such a reputable charity. I wanted to supply several coats but had to do each one separately.
I love the coats and the sunflower!

Posted Mar 19, edited Mar 19

In an effort to get funds where they need to go as quickly as possible, we’ve decided to send off donations at the end of each month. We’ve just sent off the $690 donation from March :)

Posted Apr 18

In the chaos that is our lives at the moment, the end of this campaign slipped past us. I’ve made the donation to cover the rest of the amount now, and I’m in the process of putting the mushroom in the shops. Thanks again for everyone who purchased a charity coat!

Edit: Wheat And Sky Mushroom is now available in for purchase in Fungimental Magic

Posted Jul 25, edited Jul 25