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May News Discussion
It’s… it’s May? Really??

This month’s OotS is Superstar, along with their Mini Angel Wings and Magical Ribbon Mantle! This month’s coat and items were created by Meru. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Coats for a Cause

Our Coats for a Cause campaign recently came to a close. In total, you raised $975 for charity! $780 of that was for the Animal Welfare Institute, and the remaining $195 for the Red Cross. Great job, everyone!

Creative Collective

April’s monthly roundup has been posted and all stickers and prizes have been distributed! This month’s prompts have also been posted.

Going forward, instead of awarding gems for participation in the Creative Collective, we will be awarding Golden Tickets. You can sell these items from your inventory in exchange for 3600 nuggets — this way, those participants who wish to buy gems can still do so, while those who prefer having nuggets on hand can also do so!


Our monthly Productivi-Day will be held on Friday, May 15th! We look forward to spending a day productive-ing with you all!

Moocena Cave was sent out to pasture

Our April Fools’ activity, Moocena Cave invited our community to come together in some light-hearted, dairy-related hijinks for a couple of weeks. We hope you enjoyed our particular brand of silliness! It is our hope that some version of the Mushroom Milking game will soon be added to the site - so keep an eye out for future announcements regarding that!

Ongoing Activities

Our Profile Drive and Bin-GO RP! activities are still ongoing! We’ve really enjoyed seeing the progress you’ve made on your characters’ profiles and reading along with your roleplays, and hope that you’re enjoying the activities, too!

New Items

A couple more player donations were added to the shops! Additionally, the Bag of Wonders appears to be hiding another new piece of equipment!

Discord Server

This month saw the release of Mycena Cave’s official Discord server! We’re very pleased with how well the launch has gone, overall, and are really enjoying the additional community engagement it’s providing. You can learn more about our Discord server and how to join in this announcement thread!

On the Horizon

This is our behind-the scenes section! It contains a little information about WIPs. A lot of this we can’t go into greater detail about since we’re still working out the details ourselves, or we’re unsure of the timeline, but we like the idea of sharing some of the things we’re currently working on!

  • Last month, we noted that glitch would be working through some updates based on feedback. He’s been chipping away at the Marketplace feedback updates which will likely be released soon. He mostly had to spend his time on event code/maintenance, quashing small bugs, and helping prep the discord server authentication. Besides his regular coding work this month, he’ll be continuing to work through his list of feedback updates. Once he gets through that, his next project is to work on some artist interfaces to make artist collaboration easier. If he gets through all of that (and no fires happen in the meantime), next on his list would be to check up on the Gemble data.
  • Artists have gotten through their discussions about the problem areas with queues and have come up with solutions. That has been passed to the rest of staff to work through finer details, but allows us to move forward with work that is more directly related to our search for additional artists. We are hoping we will be able to release more about the artist search this month so long as no major snags are hit!
  • Community Coordinators have been spending a lot of time running the various activities going and were a major help in getting the discord prepped. They’ll be jumping right into summer event planning next. Mods, admin, and community coordinators want to take a look at the rules and give them a de-crustification hopefully sometime this month since it’s been too long since they’ve been looked at closely. As always, we’ll keep the community abreast of any updates.

A note from Myla: covid continues to affect lives in strange and profound ways, and we hope you, your family, and friends are all staying healthy and doing as well. Our staff team continues to be impacted by covid, and we emphasize prioritizing physical & mental health, family, and safety above all else. This community continues to be a light in my day, and the small, everyday interactions I see keep me afloat—I’ve seen some truly bizarre words being sent in the event (along with beautiful poems?!), really amazing art being posted, interesting & intricate roleplays and character plotting, and heartening interactions. Thank you everyone for continuing to be wonderful to each other. <3

The Reign of the North Wind

Our Spring event, Reign of the North Wind is set to wrap up in the next few days. With the Guardian Spirits quelled Stonecrest Cavern’s deep winter thawing once more into spring, focus has shifted from desperately slinging spells at the corrupted Spirits to playful word volleying between Mycenians. This event is set to come to an end after 12:00 ST (noon) on May 4th, so be sure to rack up those points while you still can!

We’re nice now!

Posted May 1, edited May 1
Really loving these behind-the-scene updates!! I think I said much the same last month, but it really makes me smile!
Posted May 1

Aw the guardians look so happy now :D


Posted May 1

heh I’m sure some of the bizarre words were from me.

Anyway, I love this event, it’s really fun. And the April Fool’s event was SO cute!

Posted May 2, edited May 2
Announcing a relatively minor update, but one that I think will be well enjoyed

When opening an openable item, the confirmation screen now shows you what items can drop:

Posted May 3, edited May 3
Posted May 4
New Market Item

Drifty Secret Alien donated by Reggi, made by Plasma

Thank you for the donation <3!

Kelph Compatibility Update

Fragile Blue Wings now have kelph compatibility. The wings also got a general revamp to make them more compatible with edited pets!

More Toggles

I’ve been working through some Toggle Requests, and some old items are now updated with toggles.


Posted May 20, edited May 20
Love the Slumbering Sands toggle! I wanted just the silks and now I have them.
Posted May 20
Quick Adventure interface update

One of the more common pieces of feedback we received with the Adventure Editor was that being able to see the entirety of a command’s actions at once makes editing a command much easier, because you can visually see what it’s doing. One consequence of moving away from the JSON editor was that many actions took up more vertical space, and so in some cases made it harder to keep track of what was going on.

(this isn’t a super fair comparison because the JSON editor would only show you about four actions at a time anyway, but to be fair, it showed what it did show more compactly)

With this update, certain action properties are promoted to be an action’s “primary” property, and are now shown in the action’s title area. This allows us to save an enormous amount of vertical space, helping you see as much of your command at once as possible.

(wayyyyy better)

This is a relatively small update, but one that I hope represents a nice quality-of-life improvement for those of you who enjoy creating adventures :)

Posted May 26
New Bag of Wonders Item

Plasma Whip by priz and Myla was added to the bag!

Posted May 29
Plasma Whip by priz

Posted May 29