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[CHARITY] Coats for a Cause - Animal Welfare Institute
Coats for a Cause
Animal Welfare Institute

Based on our Coats for a Cause survey results, 90% of responding players were interested in seeing us support animal-focused charities. Considering this, and with the ongoing wildfires in Australia, we feel it is an appropriate time to launch our second Coats for a Cause campaign.

The charity we’ve chosen to support through the sale of this coat is Animal Welfare Institute. We chose this organization based on their transparency and careful use of donation funds, and out of a desire to help the animals impacted by the Australian wildfires. AWI has an excellent CharityWatch grade and particular focus on sending aid to smaller organizations in Australia who may not otherwise benefit from more high-profile fundraising efforts. You can read their statement on the Australian fires here, which includes the organizations in Australia to which they are distributing donation funds. We will be requesting that 100% of Mycena Cave’s donation be distributed to the Australian wildfire efforts.

This coat was created by Myla, and was originally based on the rainbow bee eater, a bird endemic to Australia. However, as the coat developed, it trended away from that original concept and instead grew into a loose representation of the Rainbow Serpent, common motif and figure in Aboriginal Australian mythology and art. The wings and wattle flowers can be toggled on this coat.

The Rainbow Serpent coat will be sold for $15.76 for the next three months, ending on 23:59 April 23rd. At the end of this period, all proceeds from the sale of this coat will be donated to AWI, and a mushroom for the coat will be placed permanently in Fungimental Magic where it will be available for purchase for 54,000 nuggets.

The reason for this somewhat unusual price is in order to cover payment processor transaction fees. When we charge $15.76, our payment processor takes $0.76, and we receive $15.00. That way, each of these purchases will result in raising $15 for AWI. Mycena Cave is covering the cost of the coat creation and is not deducting it from the proceeds.

For those of you filing US taxes this year, please note that this does not qualify as a tax-deductible charity donation: among other restrictions, tax-deductible charity donations require that you not receive anything in return for your donation, and since you will be receiving a Rainbow Serpent Mycenian, this will not qualify. If you would like to make a tax-deductible charity donation to AWI, please donate to them directly here.

Posted Jan 23, edited Jan 23
I’m so glad this is the cause MC decided to support this time around. .w. I’m in love with the coat, too, I’ll definitely have to pick one up!
Posted Jan 23
This is such a be(e)autiful coat myly +__+ <333
Posted Jan 23
Awww thank youuuuu 8)))
Posted Jan 23

I wasn’t familiar with this group before but looking thru their site they seem like a very cool charity! I like how they’re not against farming and lab animal use but instead seek to help create better conditions for animals. :D This is the kind of reasonable, compassionate, advocacy that animals really need. It’s also really cool that giving to Australian groups focuses on smaller groups that might not otherwise see a lot of the fundraising efforts.

Super happy to see such a lovely coat going for such a lovely cause!

Posted Jan 23
Happy to see animal welfare supported this time! Also such a lovely coat! I love the flowers especially. Glad I could nab my pair right off this time.
Posted Jan 23
So beautiful and for such a great cause. Can’t believe how much we’ve raised already! I will only be able to afford one, but I’m more than happy to spend a little of my extra money for this cause. <3
Posted Jan 24
Absolutely gorgeous~
Posted Jan 24

Hi everyone!

Quick update on this — starting on April 1st and going through the end date of April 23, we will change the charity to the Red Cross. This change comes because the wildfires have been put out (though there is still a strong need for support!) and we feel a much more pressing need with the Red Cross.

So in summary:

Time period Charity
Rainbow Serpets purchased between January 23 and April 1 Donated to AWI earmarked for Australia Wildlife
Rainbow Serpents purchased between April 1st and April 23 Donated to Red Cross

The Coats for a Cause page will be updated to reflect this change on April 1st.

Posted Mar 27
I’m glad to see this! I still love that we’re giving to the fires, but also feel pretty strongly that the crisis at hand also deserves any contribution it can get.
Posted Mar 27

A donation to AWI has been made on behalf of Mycena Cave for the amount of $780, and earmarked for wildlife relief efforts in Australia following the wildfires.

As a reminder, proceeds of Rainbow Serpents sold through April 23 will be donated to the Red Cross.

Posted Apr 13

pics or it didn’t happen

but said lovingly and on-request

Posted Apr 13

So I noticed this with Summer Sweet, but thought I might have made a mistake, but I’ve been able to confirm this after purchasing Rainbow Serpent. When the little window pops up to input credit card details, it asks for us to input an email, then after purchase, indicates an email receipt was sent. The receipt is not sent to the email that we input, but instead the email that is linked to the account. (I don’t know if this is the same for PP/gems.)

Can this be fixed so the receipt is sent to the email we input (either in addition to or instead of the account-linked email), or at least make a note to which email the receipt will be sent? I do not personally need a receipt re-sent, I just tend to keep receipts all on one email when I can. I was concerned about the missing receipt for Summer Sweet until I checked my other email.

Posted Apr 18

Here you go:

Some areas are redacted because they contain my PII.

Buying gems and paw prints do indeed work in the same way. Unfortunately we can’t send the receipt to the field you type in because it’s not necessarily an email address — we don’t control the form, there isn’t any kind of email verification on what you type into that field. I could look into letting players register a secondary email address with their account for the purposes of sending receipts. Until I can get that feature implemented, the easiest thing for you would probably be to set up a filter in your primary email account that automatically forwards emails from “payments@mycenacave.com” to the email address of your choice.

Posted Apr 18
thank you!
Posted Apr 18

A donation of $195 has been made to the Red Cross:

Great job everyone! Here’s how we did.

Month Amount Beneficiary
January 2020 $555 AWI
February 2020 $195 AWI
March 2020 $30 AWI
April 2020 $195 Red Cross

Money raised: $975 ($780 to AWI earmarked for Australian Wildfire wildlife relief efforts, $195 to the Red Cross)

The Rainbow Serpent Mushroom is now for sale in Fungimental Magic for 54,000 nuggets.

Posted May 2