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Join the Drawntlet! July is a great time to get creative. Submit here.

Happy Birthday, Mycena Cave!

We are now entering year 11 in the Cave, oh me oh my! Happy birthday to the Cave!! Thanks for being here with us; we really appreciate all of you! <3

Birthday Bucket List!

Is it your goal to participate in a food fight? Learn a different language? Jump into some icy water? What are some accomplishments and dreams you or your character are working towards or hoping to experience one day? Dare to dream and explore these aspirations through this activity here!

It’s Summertime!
Seasonal Selection

As always, with a new season comes a new mushroom variety to snack on! Summer Seasonal mushrooms are now available in Tamshir’s Specialties! This season’s stock will remain available until Autumn officially arrives on September 22nd.

Chadwick’s Summer Snack Shack is back in business!

Chadwick is flexing his new summer wares as well as all the classics! He’ll be keeping his Summer Snack Shack open until 23:59ST on July 20th.

Meow, meowmeow! Mrooooow!

It’s Item Dory Time!

Toot toot! It’s time for the Item Dory!  We want to hear about the kinds of items the community is interested in seeing—we’re happy to accept broad and specific item suggestions! Submit your wishes to the Dory, and/or then share your interest on the other ideas players have submitted! Collecting this data is very helpful to planning out items, as we will refer to the most recent Dory results to help guide our creative processes. Do note, though, that submitting an idea to the dory does not guarantee that it will be used!

The Dory will remain open through 23:59 ST on July 4th.

Posted Jun 21, edited Jun 21
Time to hit the beach!  And a very Happy Birthday to you Mycena Cave!!!! *pheewww!!!  Here’s to many more ^=^
Posted Jun 21
Happy birthday Mycena Cave, thank you!
Posted Jun 21
How has it already been 11 years?? Congratulations, Mycena Cave!!
Posted Jun 21
I’ve been a member for 9 of those years and heres to many more <3
Posted Jun 21
Happy birthday Mycena! :D <3
Posted Jun 21
MC has been such a big part of my life since I joined and it’s CRAZY to think about how long it’s been around! Here’s to many more years. <3
Posted Jun 22