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The Season of Connections!
The Season of Connections is upon us!

The Sacred Tree is in beautiful bloom, its blush-pink leaves swaying gently in breeze as if to beckon one and all to approach—to feel the soft, fertile ground beneath their paws as they walk among its twisting roots; to gather cozily with loved ones around its ancient trunk. The beginnings of new blossoms peek eagerly from the earth beneath it, full of excitement and trepidation at the promise of blooming into the Cave.

Soon, these little buds will grow into Sprouts, nurtured by the magic inherent to this time of year. Every mihlanaku performed before the Sacred Tree; every kinnen bond formed; every sweet, thoughtful gesture shared between Mycenians in honor of the season… there is just enough magic in all of these acts to help coax these new lives into being.

Sprout Raffle

... of course, a Sprout can’t just be born into the world without a family to call its own! Our yearly sprout raffle is now open, and runs through 23:59ST on February 20th. Seven lucky participants will be pulled at the raffle’s close, winning their choice of a Sprout or Semi-Custom!

Activity: A Heart Full of…What?

We also have a little Valentine activity for players to enjoy! Show us what fills your heart with love. Participation in this activity will earn you a Sunrise Heart Background and an additional chance to win a sprout/semi-custom.

You can find out more details in the event thread!

Peent De Amor

We’d also like to remind everyone that Peent’s Valentine seasonal shop is still open through the remainder of February! Be sure to pick up something sweet for yourself or your friends before Peent disappears once again!

is…is it legal for a bird to sell other birds? where did she get these??

Big smoochies to everyone! We hope you have a lovely day!!
Posted Feb 14

Big smoochies to everyone today :D

ain’t no rule that says a bird can’t sell other birds

Posted Feb 14, edited Feb 14
Hehe! Hugs and smooches to everyone today! Hope you have a lovely day!
Posted Feb 14, edited Feb 14
Spent all my nugs on raffle tix. Never won, yet. Maybe this year? lol GL to all! And happy hearts day.
Posted Feb 14