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January News Discussion
Hello, January 2024!

The newest OotS coat to join our collection is Glass Sea, along with their Ocean Wave Wig and Bejeweled! This month’s coat and items were created by Eluii. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

New Winter Seasonal

Winter arrived last month in all its chilly, blustery glory last month - and along with it, a new Seasonal Coat joined our collection! You can now purchase Eluii’s Season’s Greetings mushroom in Tamshir’s Specialties for the remainder of the season!

What a deer!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective has a new thread, and fresh prompts for January!
  • Bingo RP is on its yearly hiatus this month while we discuss what changes we’d like to make to it for this coming year.
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be on Monday, January 15th!
Secret Santa

All Secret Santa participants should have received their gift from their Santa by now! The hard deadline to have either received your gift or proof of shipment is January 7th, so any Slowpoke Santas should start hustling!

Also, remember to mark your gifts as sent/received in your Secret Santa portal so that we can avoid having folks accidentally being marked as flakes!

Winter Seasonal Shop

Cho has settled into the Seasonal Shop space once more and is now offering a variety of fun, wintery items for sale! Be sure to shop by the Warm Winter Wonders shop before it closes up at the end of the day on January 21st!

Nice and toasty… : )

Geness Price Changes

New Geness pricing changes have gone into effect at The Sacred Tree. Previously, while entering into a geness of 1-2 Mycenians was free, any number of Mycenians added to the geness beyond that would require an offering of an additional gem. That gem requirement has now been changed so that creating a geness of 1-4 Mycenians has no cost, with the fee of X-2gems picking up with the addition of the 5th member and beyond. This change makes multi-pet genesses more friendly while still balancing our technical image generation needs and coding resources.

Broken down, this would look like;

  • forming a geness of 1 or 2 is free (no change)
  • adding a third is free (-1 gem compared to previously)
  • adding a fourth is free (-2 gems compared to previously)
  • adding a fifth is 3 gems (no change)
  • adding a sixth is 4 gems (no change)
  • adding an Xth is X-2 gems (no change)
Ringing in the New Year

Our Winter Event will be coming along toward the end of the month! Like previous years, it will consist of a handful of forum-based creative activities and games. More information will be made available as the event gets closer!

Creative Event Survey

We will soon be releasing a feedback survey about our creative activities and events. Since we are, admittedly, quite behind on event feedback surveys, it will also encompass those. This should help us make any necessary adjustments to existing activities, as well as plan for this coming year’s events.

We expect this survey to go up within the next week or so!

Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla: Life is returning to a more normal state, and the goal is to work on some item interface updates, the winter event, and the Valentine shop.
  • The coordinator team is working on planning out the Winter event.
  • The art team have been working on the queues, and will soon be working on the Winter event prizes and the Valentine shop!



Posted Jan 2
Excited for the winter event (:
Posted Jan 2
SUPER pleased about the change to geness members, thank you guys so much for this!!! <3
Posted Jan 2

I am soooo hype for the geness fee adjustments!!!! also excited for the winter event!!!!

I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions but,,,, I’m gonna try very hard to do more of the creative collective stuff this year!!! or at least the chamber of reflections!!!!!!

Posted Jan 2

Glad to see the geness fee adjustment!

It’d be very cool to see an adjustment to breaking up a geness as well, if that could be considered for the future. I know the price is likely there to discourage users from spamming into and out of genesses, but 20k per lone mushroom hurts the bank when you have to break up more than one. Maybe the ability to break a geness for free if it’s past a certain time period (like a year?).

(or even just allowing traded pets to break the geness on trade. I have a fair number of pets I’d be happy to part with were it not for that)

Posted Jan 2, edited Jan 2

Nice updates! Also can’t wait for the winter event!

And the new Winter coat is adorable!

Posted Jan 2

Was wondering when the stickers for the ‘Whispers of the Nexus’ event were going to be handed out?

Take your time getting to them if you’re busy, though!

Posted Jan 4

Crycket Oh no, I’ll get those out asap (hopefully by the end of the weekend). I had forgotten we hadn’t done those yet, so thank you!

ETA: Stickers have now been distributed!

Posted Jan 6, edited Jan 7

psst the Sacred Tree still has this outdated blurb about pricing:

“When performing mihlanaku, the new member must make a gem offering equal to two less than the final size of the geness. As such, anyone is free to form a geness of two, but adding a third member requires the offering of one gem, and so on. Adding a new member to the geness resets its anniversary.”

Posted Jan 12