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[Activity] Secret Santa

Welcome to the tenth annual Mycena Cave Secret Santa!


In order to participate in this Secret Santa, your account has to have been created before October 1st to be eligible. If your account is more recent than this, we hope to see you in next year’s Secret Santa!

Important dates!

December 2 at 23:59 server time: Signup deadline!
Sometime on December 3: Santas will be paired with their Santa’ees.
On or before December 9: Last day to establish contact with your Santa and Santa’ee via SantaMail.
On or before December 24: Deadline. Your Santa’ee should have received their present. Be a good Santa, do your best to make sure it is received before this date.
On or before January 7: Hard deadline. Your Santa’ee must have received their present (or proof of shipment).

If both you and your Santa are okay with it, your Santa can mail you a physical present. Santa’ees who do not wish to give out their name and/or address (or who would simply prefer a digital present) may select a “digital presents only” option. If you’re a Santa and you want to send someone a physical present, we’ll do our best to match you with someone who has not selected this option, but of course we can’t guarantee it.

Every year, lack of regular contact with your Santa or Santa’ee is the largest source of anxiety and most frequent cause of messages to staff about the activity. Don’t be a hard-to-reach Santa or a disinterested Santa’ee. Please keep the comms open, send your counterparts messages to let them know you’re thinking about them, and respond to messages promptly. Remember to not only be a good Santa, but also be a good Santa’ee: don’t deny your Santa the opportunity to make your day :)

For much more info (well, all the rest of the info, in fact), head over to the Secret Santa page and get started!

Posted 11/25/23
We got this one off the ground a couple days later than usual, so we’ve adjusted the earlier dates accordingly and you’ll be paired on December 3rd. As a side-benefit, early deadlines now fall on weekends :)
Posted 11/25/23
This is my favorite event every year. I love shopping for presents.
Posted 11/26/23
same i like getting gifts i havent done it last year i like to sign up for it but im worryed my partner wont reply much or something like that if i had a good partner that is active much i be ok with
Posted 11/28/23
Who would I message about a fellow mycenian not being able to participate anymore due to an unforseen event? I don’t recall when sign-ups started, so this may not even need to be addressed. I just don’t want her to be labeled as a dud Santa.
Posted 12/03/23

You can reach out to glitch about that!

Posted 12/03/23
Thank you!
Posted 12/03/23
Hello again! Apologies for the delay in getting the matching done - we’re actually having some difficulties performing the match-up per people’s preferences and locations. I’ll post an update as soon as we have a matching we can work with!
Posted 12/04/23
Well this answers the echo I sent a bit ago, thanks for the update!
Posted 12/04/23
Santas have been assigned!

I apologize again for the delay. We had to relax some of the typical criteria to make the matching work work: if you prefer to ship a physical gift but cannot ship internationally, we tried very hard to ensure you got matched to someone in your country, but this year it was impossible to fully uphold that property without having two-person cycles (i.e. where your Santa is your Santaee). But digital gifts are always an option :)

Posted 12/04/23, edited 12/04/23
Thank you so much for matching us all! Will there be a secret Santa quick link to our Santa inboxes? :D
Posted 12/05/23
Whoops, sorry for missing that — yep, link should now be in the header :)
Posted 12/05/23
Awesome! Thank you for all that you do!!
Posted 12/05/23
Uhm, sorry to bother, but the secret santa message links on the bar disappeared? ;w;
Posted 12/14/23
Oh… how odd! I’ll give glitch a poke about it.
Posted 12/14/23