15:31 ST
Weclome to Mycena Rave(n)!

At first, it’s a distant sound.

“Caw, caw!”

Something one might hear on the wind whistling through the cavern on a summer day.
But it soon grows louder, more cacophonous.


The sound reverberates through the cavern, and all the Mycenians in the small town who were out and about on their daily errands freeze and look around—at each other, and then toward the noise. It’s loud enough that magic is involved, and puts everyone on edge: everyone knows not to cause such a magical disturbance, at least without permission and notice to the public.

Then the sound of wings, and a seemingly endless flock of sleek black ravens swoop through the cavern, perching on all available surfaces—rocks, statues, giant mushrooms, houses, and some even dare to try and perch on the heads of those now trying to duck and move out of the way.

The ravens settle in and excitedly chatter to one another. The Mycenians in the town scramble around, trying to figure out what is going on. The ravens won’t be shooed away, they seem to be… waiting for something.

The thump of the bass is the first sign that something is happening. Slowly, the cavern starts to come alive with the beat of electronic music, thumping bass, and flashing lights which reflect off the walls, casting dramatic shadows across the cavern. The birds begin to dance wildly, flapping their wings and jumping from rock to rock. Some even start to mimic the sounds of the music, adding their own unique vocalizations to the mix.

Suddenly, a booming squawk echoes through the cavern:

“WELCOME TO THE MYCENA RAVE. May all of your beaks bounce, wings wiggle, and feathers fly!”

Activity Information

Oh dear, it seems we’ve been overrun by ravens! Their birdmagic has added some interesting effects to the Mycenians as well—we’re not quite sure how to set things right, but surely we’ll figure it out!

Until then, we might as well join in, right!?


  • Mycena Rave runs from now until 12:00 ST (noon) on April 9th, a Sunday.
  • The effects (beak/tail/color/glow sticks) will wear off at rollover tonight, but can also be disabled here.
  • This event consists of two activities.
    • Participation in at least 1 activity will earn you the activity sticker.
    • Participation in Shake Your Tailfeathers will get you the item set: Raven’s Tail, Raven’s Beak, and Drifty Glow Sticks.
    • Participation in Raven Exchange will get you one of the activity’s item of your choice.
    • Each activity will have its own set of submission rules and guidelines.
    • The activities in this event are marked manually and will be given out shortly after the activity ends on the 9th.
Event Links
Posted 04/01/23, edited 04/01/23
This is… amazing
Posted 04/01/23
Whoop! Woop!
Posted 04/01/23
I love this. :D
Posted 04/01/23
this is so fun!!!!!!! probably my favorite event. ever! I love it!!
Posted 04/01/23
Hey guys! :) I was wondering if there was a limit to the number of entries or if it was one per activity only?
Posted 04/01/23

Yay!! Glad to hear that you’re liking the raven takeover :D

Lovolution One entry per player per activity! Thanks for asking!

Posted 04/01/23
What an awesome activity! I am a little surprised though, that my pets seem to have kept their… exuberance for ravenhood even past midnight site time on April 1st? Am I supposed to disable it manually somewhere? Thanks! I mean, um, caw CAW!
Posted 04/02/23


We’re so glad you enjoyed! It looks like the rave doesn’t quite want to end ... surely raven magic at work! Hang tight while we figure out how to escort the party-goers out of the Cave!

I’ve let glitch know about this, thanks for letting us know! In the meantime, the rave continues(?)!

EDIT: glitch is on it! In the meantime, effects can be removed from your pet manually by taking any action that updates the pet image such as equipping/removing an item, disabling/rearranging layers, etc. :D

EDIT 2: All ravens have been escorted from the Cave!

Posted 04/02/23, edited 04/02/23

Mycena Rave(n) is not closed yet!

The announcement here has a different end date than the activity pages, which was unintentional - activities will remain open for submissions until the end of the day today, April 9th.

Apologies for any confusion!

Posted 04/09/23, edited 04/09/23
Hope my tail feather shaking makes it. Had it posted by 23:59 but, went to edit it since there was a miss spelled word. Now I worry it didn’t make it as I think it may put me right at the 00:00 time marker >.<;
Posted 04/10/23