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January News Discussion
Happy New Year!

We introduce our newest OotS coat this month, Siamese Cat, along with their Time to Knit and Crackling Fireplace! This month’s coat was a collaboration between Puppy and Myla and the items were created by Myla. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Winter Seasonal

This year’s Winter Seasonal is now available for purchase in Tamshir’s Specialties! They’ll be around throughout the rest of the season, up until Spring springs on March 20th.

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective now has a new thread for 2023, and has new prompts for January! The guidelines have also been updated slightly - specifically, we’ve clarified the requirements for RP circle submissions.
  • Bingo RP is on hiatus through the month of January while we review the past year’s process and see if anything needs to be updated. We will likely begin collecting new prompts to add to the pool soon, so keep an eye out for that!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will occur on Sunday, January 15th!
Wrapping Up 2022

We are a bit behind on feedback summaries for the past couple of events - getting those out asap will be a priority now that we’re through the most demanding part of the year IRL. You can expect those in the next couple of weeks!

The user-submitted items from the Creative Cartomancy activity in the summer event should also be released soon.

We apologize for the delay on these, and appreciate your patience! The last few months seem to have steamrolled us a bit, somehow!


Winter Shop

Warm Winter Wonders is open through January 21st! Be sure to give Cho a visit for all of your winter weather needs! She’s got scarves, she’s got ribbons, she’s got… hair? And…and eyes??

Let’s not ask too many questions about how a little fire-breathing bird came across these things! Everything is totally above board, we’re pretty sure!

Secret Santa

Our ninth annual Secret Santa is wrapping up! All gifts should have been exchanged by now, with a hard deadline approaching on January 7th. For those who have successfully completed their exchange, please be sure to mark your gifts as sent and received, if you haven’t already!

Looking Ahead
  • We will have a small winter event coming up in either late January or early February. More information will be made available as we get closer!
  • Our Valentine’s seasonal shop will be opening up in February! Be sure to set aside some of your nuggets for all of the cute, pink things!
Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla: Glitch ran the Secret Santa activity last month and Myla was focused on art for the winter shop and OotS! They are both dealing with illness and a teething baby and hoping the new year goes more smoothly. This month, Myla will be working on the winter event, prepping for the spring shop, and v-day raffle.
  • The coordinator team is wrapping up 2022’s activities, and will be shifting focus to the winter and spring events!
  • The art team has been working on shops, tackling queue orders and will also be focusing on the winter event!
Posted Jan 2
Posted Jan 2
The monthly is precious!! ;;v;;
Posted Jan 2

We renamed a few items! I don’t think it should break anything but it may reset the toggles on the items. Please let me know if anyone has any trouble.

Autumn Hat series are now the Witch Hat series (e.g. Haunted Autumn Hat is now Haunted Witch Hat)
Autumn Scarf series are now the Warm Scarf Series (e.g. Haunted Autumn Scarf is now Warm Haunted Scarf)
We updated the spelling of Faerie items to Fairy (e.g. Starry Faerie Lights are now Starry Fairy Lights)

We renamed the Autumn hats and scarves so that the recolored hat and scarf names made more sense and we updated the spelling of the Faerie items to be more consistent across the items (previously we were spelling it both Faerie and Fairy)!

Posted Jan 30