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November News Discussion
November Settles In

This month, our OotS coat is Arctic Explorers, along with their Winter Parka and Cabin Window! This month’s coat and items were created by Plaid. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective has been refreshed with new prompts for this month!
  • Bingo RP is up to date! Those of you who have completed a bingo may now request a new card!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will occur on Tuesday, November 15th!
Puzzle Blitz Prizes

Last month we had some fun with puzzles! Apparently the Cave is full of puzzle fiends, because you guys solved every single one pretty much as soon as they were made available. Now, you get to reap the benefits of your hard work!

Anyone who logged into Mycena Cave since the 1st of October may now collect their puzzle prizes! You do not have to have contributed to solving the puzzles at all–these prizes were unlocked by the community at large. :)

You can collect your prize bundle until November 6th at 23:59ST! Everything will also be added to the Marketplace, so that those who were not active during the month of October can still enjoy the new scenery.

The Moonlight Collection

The Moonlight Collection seasonal shop is still open, with new items added on October 15th!

This shop will only remain open through November 15th, so be sure to stock up on all your fall favorites before Howard flutters away!

New Marketplace Items

New recolors of some classic wigs were added to the Marketplace! The Windswept Wig, Murky Depths Wig, and Bird’s Nest Wig are now available in a handful of new hues!

Magic Puddle Update

All of the currently discovered Secret Coats have now been made available for previewing in the Magic Puddle! Previously, you had to own one of these coats for it to be visible in the Puddle, which, understandably, made it hard for players to plan out their desired looks. But no more!!

Mysterious Happenings…

You may have encountered some strange things occurring throughout the Cave–mysterious laughter; little acts of mischief. Don’t ask us how we know, but we have a feeling that things will be made clearer on November 6th.

Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla: Glitch updated the secret coats to that they would show up in the puddle, helped launch the freebie package, and upgraded our artist item uploader to make uploading recolors much faster. Myla worked on administrative tasks and has been working on art.
  • The coordinator team is working on getting the fall event ready!
  • The art team has been working on fall event art and queue art!
Posted 11/01/22, edited 11/02/22

Ah I had no idea we’d get a pack of the items from the puzzle thing for free! I tried to do some but I couldn’t do much. The bgs are gorgeous!
And I LOVE the OotS pet! Totally gonna try and snag one! :D

Posted 11/01/22
Hmm so mystery, so creepy, can’t wait for the reveal :D
Posted 11/01/22
Hey, I noticed the link to the Creative Collective still goes to the old 2021 thread. Just wanted to let y’all know in case you want to give that an update. You can, of course, still get to the current Creative Collective thread under the Community tab, but it might be confusing for some folks if they click the link here and it takes them to prompts from December 2021. XD
Posted 11/02/22

Whoops, thanks for the heads up! I fixed it. :D’

Posted 11/02/22
I had a lot of fun with the puzzles that I got to participate in, but wow the community works fast! If I wasn’t there right away, they were completed before I knew it haha Thank you for all of the backgrounds :D
Posted 11/02/22
whooo new wig recolours!
Posted 11/03/22
okay maybe this is a silly question, maybe I missed something, but… is there not going to be a mycena secret santa this year? or are signups just going out late? ;;
Posted 11/20/22
oh man, for some reason my brain have run around kept thinking we were still in October, despite all the christmas stuff hanging in the streets gt all confused whe I saw the coat thinking ” aint that a bit early?”  turns out its my brain who is a bit behind xDD sham I missed the puzzle freebies but it is what it is when brain is behind ( and pretty much just goes straihgt to the withering wood stuff )
Posted 11/20/22
Hawkins Not a silly question! We are still doing Secret Santa this year, and sign ups should go up in the next couple of days. Sorry for the confusion!
Posted 11/20/22