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[EVENT] The Stoneskin Outbreak Feedback Survey and Wrap-Up - Feedback Results Posted

Quick update on leftover points!

I’m traveling today, and won’t have time to crunch the numbers and do the auto-buy / nugget transformation (the dual-achievement system makes it complicated and somewhat time-consuming to perform). I’ll be sure to get this done early in the coming week.

Posted 12/01/19
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 135 responses to our feedback survey for this event.

  • The majority of respondents, 63%, felt that the event’s duration was appropriate (rated as a 3), with the majority of the remaining responses, 22%, indicating the event was a bit too short (rated as a 2).
  • 36% of respondents felt the amount of effort to earn event prizes was appropriate (rated as a 3), 39% thought it was a bit too much effort (rating of a 4), 24% thought it was way too much effort (rated at a 5).
  • 69% of respondents feel that market prices for event items are appropriate. 13% think prices are too inexpensive (rated 1 or 2), and 17% think prices are too expensive (rated 4 or 5).
  • 54% of respondents found the event coats applicable and/or inspiring new characters (rated 4 or a 5), 19% were in the middle of the road (rated 3), and 28% did not find them applicable or inspiring new characters (rated 1 or 2).
  • 63% of respondents found the items to be useful (rated 4 or 5), 21% were in the middle of the road (rated 3), and 15% did not find them to be useful (rated 1 or 2).
  • Respondents would prefer if future click-style events:
    • Have no cap (57%)
    • Have a mid-range cap (40%)
    • Have a high cap (27%)
    • Have a low cap (9%)
  • 31% of respondents enjoyed or greatly enjoyed the prize distribution mechanics (rated a 4 or 5), 29% were in the middle of the road, and 40% did not enjoy the mechanics (rated a 1 or 2).
  • Respondents thought that achievements in future click-style events:
    • Should be used but with modifications (50%)
    • Should be used similar to how we used them for this event (33%)
    • Should not be used (33%)
  • 51% of respondents enjoyed or greatly enjoyed the event’s mechanics (rated 4 or 5), 19% were in the middle of the road (rated 3), and 30% did not enjoy the event’s mechanics (rated 1 or 2).
  • Respondents on if we should keep the random button in future click-style events:
    • Yes - 88%
    • No - 8%
    • Other - 4%
Common Comments

Under suggestions for modifying the achievements system

  • Many respondents liked idea of having achievements but generally agreed that it should be a bonus on top of the one action = one point system. Especially with the larger gaps between later achievements, this new system by itself felt too grindy.
  • Some respondents noted a greater variety in type of achievements would be fun.

Under suggestions for Improving event mechanics

  • Some respondents liked the concept behind the new mechanics, but most agreed that they need to be modified in some manner.
  • Some respondents commented that the cooldown was too long, whereas others thought it was too short or just right.
  • Suggestions include: increasing the drop rate of rare ingredients or perhaps adding the potential to pick up a rare ingredient alongside the most common one (so a small chance of gathering two items instead of one); balancing the mechanics between the two sides so each team effectively has the same amount of tasks to accomplish (e.g. both sides only healing/cursing during their turn instead of having to gather and then maybe heal if you’re lucky); more agency for players; the ability to pick a side at the get-go and stick to it
  • Several respondents mentioned they’d like the option to disable event notifications
  • Several respondents did not like how there were two opposing sides, though some commented that they enjoyed this aspect
  • Some respondents noted that requests in pet names weren’t compatible with this style of event and the random button, and would like pet participants to have the same name throughout the event. Along the same lines, it was noted by some that it would be nice to be able to make requests or have more power in deciding which side to be on.
  • Several respondents mentioned the countdown timer and how it was frustrating that it wouldn’t auto-refresh when they switched teams
  • A couple of respondents mentioned that it would be fun if the collection image was mechanically more complex (e.g. having different probabilities of collecting a certain ingredient depending on where the player clicked on the image)
  • Some players would have like to see less RNG and more choice integrated
  • Several respondents commented that low probability achievements even as an extra bonus served more to frustrate in an solely achievements-based system
  • There were some suggestions on how to reduce the amount of flip-flopping, the frequency of which many thought was too high (longer “safe” time, not having an option to change to a different side, making the timer longer, etc.)

Under other comments/feedback/remarks

  • A number of respondents said they enjoyed the novelty and/or the prizes and that they appreciate all of the rebalancing efforts
  • There was a lot of passion from respondents—some not wanting to see an event like this back in the future, and others who responded it was their favorite event so far

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback on this event! We tried out a ton of new mechanics, and you gave us a lot of feedback on those that worked, didn’t work, and specific suggestions for changes we could make in future events with this type of mechanic. A lot of you left really sweet comments in that last section and it was like drinking a warm bowl of soup or tucking in next to a fire—we pour so much of ourselves into events, and this one in particular took an exhausting amount of work so it was very heartening to hear you appreciate our efforts. <3

Also a reminder that in these feedback results we try to hit on on comments we hear echoed by multiple players, so if you didn’t see your comments reflected in the summary, it’s not that they weren’t important or that we aren’t taking them into consideration. We always gain useful information from these feedback surveys, and use them to make changes to future events.

Thanks again, everyone!

Glitch is at a work conference this week so the raffle will be a bit delayed! I’ll keep this thread stickied until we have everything wrapped up.

Posted 12/04/19
The auto-buy and leftover point to nugget conversion just went out. We’ll be setting up the feedback survey raffle tomorrow :)
Posted 12/10/19

The feedback raffle will be drawn tomorrow at 13:00 ST (so about 19 hours from now).

You can watch it live here!

Edit: Congratulations to Crycket Scifur Hyasynthetic LiveSky Adaris Stanari Ishy and Sapphy , your prizes will be delivered shortly :)

Posted 12/10/19, edited 12/13/19