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November News Discussion
Welcome to November!

Kicking off the new month, we’ve got November’s OotS: the Melanistic Jaguar, Leafy Wings, and Jungle Glade, all of which were made by Meru! You will be able to purchase these lovelies in the Out of the Shadows shop until the end of the day on November 30th.


The Mycenaissance

Last month’s spotlight has been chosen and its raffle drawn! This month, we are shifting gears a bit by asking our players to suggest prompts. At the end of the month, we will be selecting six player-submitted prompts to use for future Mycenaissances, with the intent of utilizing one every other month! For more information, check out The Mycenaissance!


A Day in the Life Concludes

Last month we ran our A Day in the Life forum activity, which provided us with a lot of great insight into the lives of our players and their characters! This activity has now ended; prizes distributed, raffle drawn. Our raffle winner was Miranda, who received the following semi-custom inspired by their entry:



New Trial Artist

Congratulations to priz, who joins the staff team today as our newest trial artist! Priz was an incredible applicant from our last round of artist applications. She’s been waiting patiently to join the team while our first round of trial artists were mentored, and is excited to begin working with us! With some revisions we have made to the mentoring process, you won’t see much public work from her this month, but look forward to seeing some of her art in December! Welcome aboard, priz!

We’re expecting many great things to come!


Pricing Guide Update

We have been hard at work updating our Custom Pricing Guide, and it’s now ready to be released! It has been updated with new examples, fuller descriptions, and a more complete guide to custom backgrounds. We hope that it’s helpful to you guys when it comes to considering your future customs!


Marcy’s Harvest Festival

Marcy’s Harvest Festival is currently in full swing! You can earn prizes by helping to harvest the alpha-veggies that have cropped up all over the orchards and using them to build words to send to other Mycenians. Additionally, the Scholarcrows have set up some fun activities for everyone to enjoy over at the Festival Fairgrounds! This event will be running until 23:59 on November 10th, so be sure to send out all the words you can!


The Moonlight Collection

In order to celebrate the spookiest of seasons, another temporary shop has opened up down at the market! Howard has gathered a fine collection of Halloween-themed items to share with everyone, but he’ll only be doing business until 23:59 on November 7th, so be sure to complete your Moonlight Collection before he packs up and flies away!


Believe me, I’d be happy to keep all this awesome stuff for myself. :>

Posted 11/01/16
wow, congrats priz! i had no idea you were being considered, looking forward to seeing your contributions in the art of the site ^u^
Posted 11/01/16

Congratulations Miranda  on your lovely new custom!!!!  <3

And Congratulations priz  I’m so looking forward to your future artwork =)  no pressure or anything of course!

I’ll say it again, Meru  you’ve done a lovely job with this month’s OotS!!!  I love the subtle pattern you created for the coat *.*  soo pretty!  And what a fun jungle setting ^.^ 

Posted 11/01/16, edited 11/01/16
I’m loving everything in the Moonlight Collection shop! It’s always fun to get more spooky items ^u^
Posted 11/01/16

Congrats, Priz! :D

(possibly a suggestion?) Could the price changes be made explicit, either as a list of all the price changes somewhere or just giving people more of a heads up so they can save + compare the pages? I’d like to compare the old prices versus the new prices, but I can’t remember what they were before exactly (the only one I remember/notice got more expensive by 1PP. not so big a deal but still a difference).

This doesn’t affect me overmuch (more for curiousity’s sake), but it could be a bit of a nasty surprise for someone. :s

Posted 11/02/16, edited 11/02/16

If I made a Custom before and am looking to get a twin, will it be based on the old price or will the twin be based on these new prices if applicable?

Example: I paid 30PP for my custom and have the twin listed at 20PP (from Mycenangelo) but if these new prices make my original worth 40PP, will the twin now be 30PP? I’m haven’t joined the queue yet but I already have 8PP applied…

Posted 11/02/16, edited 11/02/16

The update to the pricing guide has been to the examples and descriptions, and the addition of defined categories beyond 4PP—the prices themselves have remained the same!  Some examples of smaller edits have been replaced with more representative examples, or with examples more commonly requested, but the most significant clarification is that we’ve added examples for the bigger edits that players request on a much more frequent basis now.  This increase in demand for larger edits made the “4PP+” categories not all that helpful to players or to artists giving Mycenangelo quotes.  We’ve internally been using this update for awhile now, as we’ve been refining this guide for months to be more accurate and consistent, especially for the bigger edits and backgrounds.

As the guide is now more accurately represented, it may result in some shifting of personal estimates as you are now better equipped to make them, but the way we price edits has not changed.  If you have a Mycenangelo quote, it was almost certainly made using this guide already unless it’s super old.  Either way, if you have an official quote, there is no need for additional action in your part—we’ve always honored quotes regardless of their age, and that continues to be the case.  It is not necessary to request updates on your quotes.  :)

Posted 11/02/16, edited 11/02/16

Congrats priz! :D How exciting! ^-^ I can’t wait to see your stuff come December~!

And aaaa I love the spooky items! Aberra is already rocking a few of them… now to just get enough nuggets to get the claws and moon!

Edit: Got ‘em! :D

Edit 2: o3o!!! eeee they all look great on her!

Posted 11/02/16, edited 11/02/16

I’m not sure if I’m remembering incorrectly or there was a mistake putting the new guide together, then?

This image used to be under the 2PP list, now it’s listed as 3PP:

(I have a past order where I explicitly use this image and refer to it as being listed under the “2PP” category, with clarifications about the extent from Mycenangelo but nothing saying the image depicts a 3PP edit).

Maybe it’s bad luck that I spotted an error, but it would still be kinda cool if we could compare the old page to the new page, or were given notice that things might be changing (if for no other reason than spotting possible discrepancies).

edit: forgot to ping! Myla

Posted 11/02/16, edited 11/06/16
Boopboop!  I sent an echo to you, Jacq. :D
Posted 11/06/16