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Who’s Waffle?

  A Soul & lost Memories

When I awoke from my sleep I was in an unfamiliar place. Hungry, I wandered aimlessly through the area. In search of food, I realized that the place I was in was a cave and kept exploring its depths. After some time of wandering, I met a stranger. We sat together and he told me the history of the place and what creatures lived here. As I listened to his words, my stomach rumbled loudly. The stranger laughed and handed me something to eat. It was a waffle. It was still warm and smelled delicious.

With a hap, I munched on them with relish and looked around contentedly. “You must have been starving the way you devoured the waffles!” Said the stranger amused and handed me a few more. I nodded shyly before accepting. “What is your name?” The stranger asked curiously. I shrugged and shook my head. I didn’t had an answer to his question.

The stranger thought for a moment and stared thoughtfully around. After a moment of silence, his eyes dropped to the waffles. “You like waffles don’t you? Then how about I call you waffle?” With a big grin on his face, the stranger looked at me expectantly. I giggled and nodded in agreement. “Understood! From this day on, your name will be Waffle!”

With a jump he stood up and patted my shoulder once. “Well then. As sorry as I am, I have to go. I hope to see you again soon my friend!” With this sentence, he started moving. I waved him goodbye and he waved back with a joyful smile. His footsteps echoed for a while until he was too far away to hear. *See you again… my friend.*



Real Life Facts

She/Her | Adult | German

A nerd who loves creative things

I also loves animes/mangas & videogames

Since I’m a gamer, most of my time is spent playing games,
but sometimes I write as well

I really love creating new characters and writing stories or stuff like that

Info Box

IC | In Character

(OOC | Out Of Character)

are freely usable for art, if necessary you can contact me to clarify details.

Note!: Please remember to link them properly if you use them!

Basic Elements:


Specialized Elements:
Magic that has altered the shape and structure of the base element(s) to create a new element.

Note!: The magic depends on the mental state of the user and can change depending on their alignment.
(This only applies to my characters, but if you like the idea, feel free to use it.)

The forgotten Town

is a place that exists only in the shadows of people’s memories. For those who lost hope but kept their faith, a path of new beginnings was revealed to them.

The town itself was an empty place filled with damaged and destroyed buildings. This changed with the arrival of the individual residents.

Each of them individually contributes to making their new home more colorful and lively.

- Nuggets (preferred)
- Gems

- Wood Carving (Active)

- Stellar Ribbon
- Frozen Halo
- Wildgrow




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