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My home is on The Beautiful Oregon Coast

I’m an Energy Healer for animals, and hubby and I grow mushrooms at our farm on the Oregon Coast.  I utterly adore where I live and I thoroughly enjoy growing mushrooms, interacting with animals and working with energy via photos to bring animals back into balance. 

I was drawn to the artwork on here, and the fact I ‘make a living’ off growing mushrooms.  I’m usually friendly and always keen to chat about animals and the Oregon Coast.  RL may sometimes take me abruptly away from the computer.  I apologize in advance.  I will respond as soon as I’m able, honest!

Overheard in Chat: [20:05:47] Keilin Alyr: Over here seems a lot nicer. Come to the light side, we have mushrooms. XD



YES!!  I made it to the last tier just before the event ended ^^  thank you lucky Widowaker

~ Last item goal: For Yvaine~  Cartographer’s charts ~Finally achieved thank you for the trade Raja <3

~ Learn to make more nuggets/gems on here ~ Spellstones for the win!  *.*  You scored 2244 points and earned 2244 nuggets! 3/29/2016 *.*
9/27/18 *,*  4123 ~ 5 OregonCoast (#4795) 10305 December 28th @,@
Chimerical thank you so much for the help with Cave In!



May 6, 2019   my heart is shattered as Mister slips over the Rainbow Bridge, age 14 ;=;


...some huge changes on the farm… many of my ponies decided they wanted to accomplish more out of life with new families.  They’ve gone into perfect new homes for them.  Culture shock for me as mah babies have gone off to college.  Blossom is thoroughly enjoy being solo pony again.  Everything is HERS xD. it always was, but even moreso now. 


Ice Creamy Pony based on ice cream idea Wafflecone hooves is a MUST ~ behold Tillamookie ^=^
This is Lawk’s amazing version *,* 

Carousel Pony ?



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