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hey! i’m livesky :D
she/her | student | INTJ-T

feel free to call me live, or sky, or whatever you want, I don’t really mind most of the time lol. I am quite busy with school/other stuff so I apologize if you do not receive an immediate response after messaging/pinging me. I usually pop on to check on things throughout the day and am most active during the evenings (mc time). I often go on months-long hiatuses when i’m not feeling as motivated. I play a bunch of other various sites and I usually go by the same name :)

i like lists.

likes: animals, sweets, reading, rock climbing, films, traveling, sleeping, dreaming
favorite books: the night circus, the six of crows duology, worm (technicallyyy not a book but! a remarkable work)
(current) favorite song: run the world!!! - dayglow
favorite movie: can’t decide on a specific film, there are too many good ones <3
favorite show: killing eve

-develop character bios
-sort for sale/inventory/sell fish
-set up buying/selling

-carve morning star n dress, fodder fruit juice
-golden faerie lights for merian
-drifting petals for sprout

highest priority wishes:
-fodder. so much fodder. well more like 7. preferably active :’)

-upright fledgling phoenix
-(active) shaggy smallhorn
-shattered star
-slumbering unicorn
-active bottled sea
-upright lunar glint
-active desert deity
-ill omen
-three wishes

-drifting petals
-cat’s cradle

-green onion hamhams
-snow friends
-snowfall’s fox
-axolotl friends


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