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Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Main Theme

Hi there! I’m Feli. I love cats, reading, playing video games, and making dumb characters.
I’m mostly a lurker on here but you’re free to contact me at any time if you’d like! My inbox
is pretty much always open. ❤

cats, d&d, pokemon, otome games/visual novels, final fantasy (iii, iv, ix, x, xiv), kingdom hearts,
odin sphere, monster hunter, fire emblem, nier/drakengard, etrian odyssey, any kirby game
ever, bravely default, octopath traveler, ghost trick, kid icarus uprising, ace attorney, the
house in fata morgana, witch’s heart, hatoful boyfriend, black wolves saga, lamento -beyond
the void-

Currently Playing: Pillars of Eternity, DGS2, FFXIV (Faerie!)



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