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October News Discussion
October is here!

The newest OotS coat to join our collection this month is Duplicity, along with their Drifty Shadow Claws and Drifty Shadow Eyes! This month’s coat and items were created by Meru. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Fall Seasonal

This year’s Fall Seasonal, Truffle Hunter by Hush, is now available for purchase in Tamshir’s Specialties! They’ll be around throughout the rest of the season, up until the first day of winter on December 22nd.

Activity Updates


Wrapping Up Sundown at the MC Corral

Our summer event has come to a close, including the autobuy and sticker distribution. Yee-haw! 

The Moonlight Collection

Howard has swooped in with his fall collection! The Moonlight Collection seasonal shop has returned once more, and will be open through the end of October.

Cavern Shuffle

A new game has been released! It’s a slider puzzle, and there are three difficulty levels to try out! We will check in a couple of months to see if the payout amounts need adjustment. Different themes for the slider puzzle can be set on the community settings page.

Whispers of the Nexus

Our fall event will begin near the end of October! Bruc has something interesting in store this year, so stay tuned to find out more.

This is our ingredient collection event, though some mechanics have been altered…

Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla: glitch worked on getting the slider puzzle ready for release and this month will be working on updating mechanics for the fall event. Myla helped with event tracking and prize distribution, fall event planning, and artwork for the fall shop, and is currently working on art for the fall event.
  • The coordinator team is working on the fall event.
  • The art team will be working on queues and the fall event.



Posted 10/01/23
Omg I am in LOVE with that new OotS coat!! Going to have to add one to my collection!
Posted 10/02/23

Love the new oots and the items! Perfectly spooky for October.

Yes! Cavern Shuffle, I’m so excited for this. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Posted 10/02/23

Had to get the items. Love how they layer. :D

Posted 10/23/23
Ooooo that looks super cool, Odin!
Posted 10/23/23